An Eye to Our Beginnings
Today we will take a look back to one of the great Champions of Humanity. One of the many brave men and women who worked hard to lay the ground work of what is the Humanis movement. Our focus today is on a man who was the Captain of the Janissary: Son Gohan.
Son Gohan was born in Jhelom, city of Valor. He was the oldest of two children.1 He was one of the many men, young and old, recruited into the Jhelom Council of Valor by Artero Kingston2, second in command of the Jhelom Council of Valor. His years with the Council were spent as a guard to the leadership of the Council of Valor. When the council began to grow weak, and the people of Jhelom began seeking other leadership, Gohan left the city looking for a new place to call home.

After months of wandering, he heard rumors of his former leader, Kingston, searching for men and women who would help establish the group that later became the first Humanis Collective. Searching out his former leader, he signed on to join the cause that is and was Humanis.
Son Gohan, Captain of the Janissary
By the time the Humanis Collective began laying its roots in Magincia, Gohan was already one of the finest warriors the group had to offer. His efforts did not go by unnoticed. The leaders of the Collective, Herald of Humanis Mark Randerstill3 and Magnate Isk4, placed on Gohan the title of Captain of the Janissary. He was placed in charge of training the troops that would police and maintain order in the city of Magincia. He held his position for quite some time. After the death of Randerstill, Gohan stepped down as Captain of the Janissary. The position was retired soon after his resignation.
Mark Randerstill, Herald of
Gohan spent the last few years of his life in seclusion on the iced over land that are called Dagger Island. He was a great and respected man, and without him, Magincia and the Humanis cause would not be the beacon of hope that they are today.

1 - Gohan's brother Mazuki was also a man in the Jhelom army who later became a key part of the Humanis Cause.
2 - Artero Kingston was the first Herald of Humanis. He left Magincia after it was revealed that he was in a personal relationship with one of the lesser races.
3 - Mark Randerstill, second Herald of Humanis, formerly of Magincia. Stepped in when Kingston was removed from the position.
4 - Isk, Magnate, currently still resides in Magincia. The last living member of the original Humanis Collective.
Isk, Magnate of Magincia
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