The World View
Plague and Magincian Response
"If the Philosophe comes, I have faith in Him that I shall live or shall be cut to pieces; And if I live, it will be great blessing for me; and if I die; a great deliverance."
-The Judgements on Year Zero
As the world seems griped by the dangerous disease which has turned common folk into monstrous killers Humanis has taken precautions to prevent a contamination of Magincia’s water supply. Though the Humanis island does not trade with Britain, Gauntled Isle or the supposedly effected city of Trinsic the leadership has agreed to cut off access to outsiders onto the island.

As it had been suggested by Humanis at the last Regency meetings the city of Magincia has been cut off from outsiders. From this point on those that wish to travel into Magincia must contact Humanis beforehand to limit incidents. This poses the problem of identifying legal citizens and those who exist away from the island and the Humanis Party. Thus identification papers are in the process of being created to help Humanis in preventing future problems.
We ask for all to pay respect to his ruling and act with care when travelling the realm.
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