A New Building Rises in Magincia
-By Angelique
After a month of continuous labor by masons and architects at the northwest edge of town, just a child's whisper's width into the jungle, the noise suddenly came to a halt.  Soon Athlon and Auris Isk are seen delivering rolled parchment's baring the royal family seal to each citizen and merchant in Magincia.  As they are opened the citizens delight in reading the invitations of the Patrona's own handwritten script.  They are each personally and formally invited to be the first to view the new Magincia Cultural Center.  The Magnate and Patrona wish their citizens to come enjoy the Center and pay tribute to the Shrine of Saint Antonius before it is opened up to traveling dignitaries and historians. 

The first evening the lines are lengthy and hushed.  All present seem grateful and patient to wait in turn to enter the building and bring their offerings of milk and baby shoes to place into the shrine on bended knee.  Each evening the lines grow shorter, though citizens are found stopping by all throughout the day.  Occasionally one will climb the stairs to the Magnates and Patrona's office to thank them as the Patrona pens invitations to go out to diplomats and historians she would like to welcome to Magincia sun.
Above: The Shrine of Antonius
Below: Magincia Cultural Center
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