Spring Festival
The Spring Festival was organized by Scribble and her friends who worked on the event for two months. Their dedication was rewarded by a decent crowd. A few members of the Regency and Dark Legend were present for the event. The largest attendance was from the Free Tamers of Sosaria and Free Citizens of Sosaria.

Filling the Merry Minx was no problem for Clan McCleod. The first event began just as Lady Scribble made her appearance. Everyone was given a cake and decorative tools, the object of the first game was to create the most impressive looking cake. Out of the twenty or so participants Lady Angelique won first place with a bell and flower decor followed by Marinda of the Free Tamers.

The next event was a dart throw. The first few throwers scored a similar total and it seemed that no one would break a score of forty. Then came Lady Tabitha. Everyone was in anticipation as she boasted on how much she practised. The crowd was silent for her throws... each one of them scoring a single point. Laughter and jokes rang out as the young woman took her seat having hit one of the lowest scores possible. Next came Peter from Clan McCleod who skilfully tossed the darts closest to the centre. While Isk was close winning second the game was given over to Peter as the victor.
The Patrona, Lady Angelique won the prize for the best decorated cake. Drawing courtesy of Lord Paul.
After prizes were given out the festival was moved to Felucca for rounds of animal fights and jousts. Everyone watched as giant dogs and wyrms faced off in competition. The fighting was intense and bets were made along the sides. The Free Tamers and Citizens showed off their skills as animal handlers and everyone was impressed. The final event was the joust. Many took part in this event. Lord Devil and Lady Cat were the crowd favourites from the onset. The women jousters had a hard time in the first round as all but Cat were eliminated. Lord Isk faced Devil in the second round and drove his lance to the breastplate knocking down his opponent moving on to face Cat who had beaten her competition flawlessly. The fanciful prancing of Isk’s horse only gained him notoriety as everyone tossed their lot with Cat Lyxen. The atmosphere was charged as Isk and Cat raced at each other atop their mounts. With a quick clash both found themselves knocked down!
Lord Sid told the two jousters to get back on their horses for the second round. Shouts of Cat! Cat! Cat! Resinated from the audience but it seemed that the Magnate basked in feeling like the underdog. He had previously stated that he would not be defeated by a woman and had to prove himself. Luckily for the Magnate’s reputation he won the second round and moved on to claim the prize.

As the events ended everyone departed after conveying their appreciation to Lord Sid and Scribble along with everyone else who helped. The event was a success.
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