The Rat-Man of Yew and other problems!
The people of Yew have gone through a tremendous amount over the past months. Beginning with a rat infestation of epic proportion and leading up to the most recent Thrax trial the Court of Justice has been busy
with activity.

At the trial of Kinjinte vs Lilyth Noir which took place on Saturday, August 13, Tatsudoshi Maku was the lawyer for the defendant with Judge Wicked Rose presiding over the case. Kinjinte pleated not guilty to the crime of assault. Kinjinte supposedly assaulted Kotare’s wife during a meeting of the Yew Commonwealth taking the shape of a swarm of rats. He later blamed Lilyth for causing the infestation of rats which began to plague the northern town of Yew. In light of Kinjinte’s deranged personality and far fetched claims prior to and during the trial the defendant’s lawyer managed to change the plea to guilty. This resulted in the court showing leniency towards the defendant.

As part of the sentencing, Wicked Rose, the presiding judge in the case stated “With all the circumstances involved, I felt community service would be a fair punishment. You will have 1 week to complete them under the supervision of your guardian. He will report your progress to me. For your crimes you are sentenced to gather 1000 fertile dirt to help fill the swamps of Yew.”

Just when Yew was recovering from this trial the people of Yew faced a new danger in the form of an ambitious lord named Thrax who had been known for his sympathetic stance regarding the status of orcs.

Thrax was charged with various crimes such as attempted murder and kidnapping.
The situation can be best summed up by Kotare’s words to the court. Kotare II stated “as a protector of the lands of Yew I am charged with its defence as such one day, I witnessed an orc harassing the locals. I gave chase where I was led into an ambush, I was knocked out and when I awoke I was in the care of Lord Thrax or lack there of the conditions of my surroundings were unfit for a prisoner a dark cell slithery companions and the food would induce hallucinations”

While the prosecution was unable to provide evidence for the attempted murder charge to stick Elon, the judge in the case, banished Thrax from Yew for the crime of kidnapping. Unfortunately a zealous member of the crowd lunged at Thrax and took him to the ground before anyone could react. The status of Thrax is therefore presently unknown.
^ A scene from court.

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