A New Judicial System ?
Having been approached by Tai of the Watchers Alliance Isk, the Magnate of Magincia was appointed as Chief Justice of a newly emerging judicial system. Although the validity of a new Judicial system can be contested the porcelain masked Magnate accepted the monumental task of leading the project forward.

Wishing to gain the wide knowledge of Justice from Yew’s resident expert, the lord Kotare, Isk contacted his good ally asking for assistance. With Kotare willing to provide his knowledge Isk contacted the other judges that were to make up the elite ranks of the justices. Thusly Arakad, Andrew, Rryn, Molly, Malo, Hugh Kinley, Claudette, Alessandra, Vaen and Maelwyn ab'Arawn were contacted about the first unofficial meeting. From the list of invites Arakad, Alessandra and Vaen were predictably absent.
A stylized picture of Isk as Chief Justice.
Not wanting to not make the first meeting a boring one Isk had hired two professional dancing girls, Dime and Cherry DeLite. Dime opened up the event with an enticing dance of the veils while Cherry closed the event with a seductive hip shaking frolic. Between this opulent entertainment the unofficial judges sat on posh pillows within Isk’s office (located in the largest library on Atlantic and the shards, the Athenaeum). They debated the formation of a universal law code. Unfortunately this paper could not obtain the details of what truly occurred during the meeting phase of the event. What can be understood however is that should the new judicial system come into effect it would not seek conflict with established town councils and the laws within them.

Isk had no comment about the fact that there are non-human judges involved in this project.
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