A New Regent and the Regency Today
Not much has been said of the Regency in past months. The Loyalists remain detached from the public eye and therefore remain largely irrelevant. This can be attributed to the string of absentee Regents which have been voted into office by a mostly benighted body of Loyalists. The trend Rufus Oryan started and which Nazralte continued has left the Loyalists without a leader for many months. The result of this is that the council of Loyalists has evolved to such a degree that a Regent may not even be necessary.
Pessimism aside the Regency now has its tenth Regent, a dedicated individual which has led the Loyalists during Nazralte’s absence. The realm was not aware of the transition from Nazralte to Lia L as there was no opposition to her nomination and therefore no election. Lia L has been known to entertain and put on events for the populace, she is competent in battle and has an understanding of diplomacy. Because she was accepted with unprecedented support from the Loyalists she holds a mandate the likes of which no other Regent save the first possessed.

According to this paper in order for the Regency to succeed it needs to:

-Regaining relevance in today’s Sosaria
-Creating positive publicity
-Becoming active in Sosarian Politics
-Building up an Army
-Have an active Regent

Let us hope Lia L is up to the task.
Lia L of  Vesper is Sosaria's tenth Regent. We wish her
the best of luck
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