Personality of the Month
Kotare II

"War is when sharp words are just not enough"

<- Kotare II, selected by the Magincians as the Personality of the Month for the month of October.
Lord Kotare’s latest Triumphs include the defense of Britain during the Despise invasion. Kotare was credited with establishing a defensive center at Lord British’s castle, converting it into a makeshift hospital.  He has taken part and lead the liberation of Yew from the Stormreaver Orcs and has set up the successful Commonwealth government in Yew.

Lord Kotare carries himself as a true nobleman. His charisma and honest nature marks him as a competent and trustworthy person. Even being held captive for weeks did not damage this man’s demeanor, on the contrary the lord duke participated in the trial against the man that held him captive and never once raised his voice in anger against his enemy. This is a man to be admired for his self restraint and courage.

On top of all of this Kotare II is the chief voice for Justice upon the lands of Yew. With his personality alone he will bring Yew into a prosperous future.
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