News From Around the Realm
Small but notable stories from all over the lands
Lady Marinda's and Lord Sid's Wedding

The wedding of Lady Marinda and Lord Sid took place on Saturday, Oct 15 at Nine by the Eastern Sky. It was well attended and largely celebrated. Lilyth Noir performed the ceremony and Lady Scribble was the party planner. The event itself and the reception that followed was regarded as the social event of the month. Everyone was present from the Duke of Yew to the Regent Lia L. Citizens from places such as Spiritwood and Magincia came out to wish the couple the best in their new role as Husband and Wife.
Nazralte Donates a Shattered Crystal Wisp Fragment to the Athenaeum Library

The Athenaeum which Richard Ebonrune built and Isk currently runs has gained a degree of popularity in the past few weeks. The main building as well as the annex hold over one thousand unique books as well as over a dozen extremely rare items which are found on display upon the rooves. Recently the departing Lord Nazralte, former Regent of Sosaria, has donated a Shattered Crystal Wisp Fragment to the library making it the second one in the library’s collection.
Sanctus Opens Up Relations

Some of the world has not heard much from Sanctus until only weeks ago when the relatively isolated order began to seek diplomatic relations with the cities of Trammel. Sanctus has grown to become one of the larger guilds in the realm, they are in the middle of rebuilding the long lost glory they held under the leadership of Talon. In their past Sanctus has dominated war and held various small guilds under its power. Only time will tell what the goals of this new Sanctus truly are.
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