Where is the Humanis Voice?
The Humanis Voice has been put on the shelves for now due to the general lack of continued creativity on the part of the creators. There is only so much one can write about certain topics and it is a wonder that the Humanis Voice made it into its third year of monthly to bi-monthly issues ranting about world events.

The Hand of Humanis itself is smaller than it used to be, the energy behind the Humanis movement has continued to die down for the past year. The founders of the guild have moved on to different realms or projects so while the head of the movement takes time to recuperate and fight personal daemons we hope that you enjoy this new Sosarian Voice paper which will depend on your article contributions and criticisms.

Throughout this first issue of the Sosarian Voice you will find various cards and drawings to complement certain articles. In that sense this paper is a lot like the Humanis Voice but there is one clear exception, there is no agenda behind this work and the driving force behind this paper are the people who read it!
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