The Vesper Boat Race!
-By Tinkerbelle
I had been waiting anxiously for weeks for the big boat race. Not having a boat of my own, as I had never sailed before, I rented a boat from the harborman. He quickly gave me some instructions, handed me the key, saying "Be sure to lock the boat while ye are out there lassy."

I then met with StormyEyes at the dock. She gave me directions, handed me a bag, and explained that I needed to give an item from the bag to the men on each sailing vessels. As I left she warned, "Watch out for water elementals."
After I had reached my designated spot, I got a bit bored. I played hide and seek with myself, popping in and out of visibility. I was a bit nervous watching the water for sea monsters. The waves rocked the boat up and down, up and down, until my stomach started churning.

Feeling so ill, I didn't notice that the race had begun and there were two boats on either side of my "marker" boat. I was startled and fumbled with the key, dropping it to the ground. I couldn't get the key to work and I was frantic. Sailors were yelling at me.

"Unlock yer planks!" I heard one man say "Wha kinda crap is that?! Unlock yer plank on both sides!" After much fumbling, the men were able to board the boat and get their item. One man was soaking wet. He had jumped into the water and swan to my boat.

When the race was over I returned to the harbor and turned in my boat. I overheard one of the other markers say, "They both sailed to me, but only one went around the far side." Men were arguing loudly on one of the boats also, threatening to make someone walk the plank.

StormyEyes then requested the check back from the captain of the boat and he made a threat  saying, "Maybe insteada givin this check back, like i was goin to ill use it ta buy potions and blow yer city to tha ground!" StoryEyes retored back, "Maybe I blow thy ship to bits."

Some other person jumped in and said, "You know you will only spend your winnings on rum and ale." They argued back and forth some but finally the winner was announce. Winter's team was the big winner.

I was then invited onto the winner's boat to go netting for some fish. Winter warned us, "Away from the sides there for safety." They threw the nets out and then suddenly there were sea serpents, krakens, water elementals, and even a huge sea serpent from the deep.

Everyone on board started throwing magical spells at the beasts. The sea monsters sucumbed to our onslaught quickly. Once the ship was full of fish we returned to shore and donated our catch to feed the poor.
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