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Return to Splendor

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:02 am Post subject: Return to Splendor Reply with quote

Adara's form was still, the only movement upon her person being the barest twitch of an eye. She focused, seeing past her surroundings in an attempt to bury her consciousness inside herself. Every night was the same routine - rise, feed, and then focuse her waning strength upon the bond. She could feel it down to her very core, those strong cords wrapping and composing an integral part of her very being. It was like trying to cut a steel cord with a pair of rusty, dull scissors.. progress being slow and nearly unattainable. She wrapped her mind around that metaphysical cord and began bending, tearing, and try to shred it to obscurity. A growl of frustration escapes her lips as her concentration falters and the metaphysical bond snaps back into place.

"Marcus.." as if whispering his name upon the wind would conjure him.. so close had their bond once been. She had left the only world she had ever known for him - his house, his cause, his plans. And once more she had failed. The failure had been gradual - a mistake here, a foiled plan there, and then the whole Draven house had come collapsing down. And she had fled, fearing his contempt at her weakness. Every day was a struggle not to seek him out - she could still feel him singing in her blood. It was only by mere chance, in a moment of pure unpridefulness, that she had contacted her very first maker. She sensed a newfound kinship and loneliness in her adoptive mother, punisher, tormentor, creator, friend, and sister all in one role. She was the very step that all her strength had originated those many years ago.

"Talking to the wind again, dear one?" the barest of whispers spoke from over her shoulder. She felt the ground shift slightly beside her as the intruder sat.

"Concentrating, actually.. a task much more efficiently accomplished in silence.. mother." A smirk forms upon her lips as her gaze travels to rest upon her companion. They were akin to sisters in so many ways - both pale complected, red haired, and with matching eyes of varied green shades. If it were said Adara was kin to ice then Aravis was fire. Her attire was scarce with alternating pieces of dark metals and supple leather. The myriad of tattoos stood in dark contrast to her pale lithe form. Coal lined eyes revealed a feral, unmasked, and rebellious nature.

Aravis frowns at the comment, brows furrowing together as she gives Adara a long, hard look. "There is no longer any need to call me such.. I ceased in that role many years ago."

"Then why are you here?"

"I sensed your need.. and I was bored" She gives a graceful shrug with no semblance of an apology in her tone.

Adara nods gently, lips pursing. "Does it ever truly go away? The longing?"

Aravis frowns, staring down at her hands. "Nay.. as his childer you shall always long for him. The ache for his embrace though will cease over time."

She scoffs in response. "Time.."

"In the meantime there is no use sitting her wasting away such a pretty face.. might as well enjoy what little there is left. After all.. time is all we have left."

Adara returns her gaze once more to the horizon, staring past her surroundings to descend into her semi-conscious state. She had spent too long in hiding - nursing her wounds and healing. Perhaps it was time to go forth and enjoy the splendors of the world.
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