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Prelude to Fire and Fealty

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 4:16 pm Post subject: Prelude to Fire and Fealty Reply with quote

The soothing peace that precedes the rage. As the twilight of dusk which precedes freedom. Feyd took a deep breath, the air escaping through the lungs pierced from the rotting, his image becoming more and more that of a human skeleton and less of rotten flesh. He meditated on past and future.

Images from the ritual where the flesh was slain and served as food for rodents, his soul brought back through Enoch's masterful manipulation of entropic releases of force. A soul that roamed free while animating him for a few moments until he was able to get to his keep and trap it within his secret. Would anyone ever find it? What would they do if they did? It was unbelievable how he managed to pull that off, remaining alive through magic while being annihilated and then brought back. And then the strength he needed to be true to his plan and finish it while his free soul wanted nothing but destruction.

It was done for peace. It seemed by losing humanity the despair would be gone. But it could not be farther from the truth. The madness only grew. Except now it did not conflict him with himself. It propelled him forward.

The promise of a better world. The unmaking that would bring all to peace. The beauty of the flames burning the pillars of a rotten reality. Feyd was ready to pursue it with the will of a paladin. Until the day he watches the world burning through his eyes into gorgeous ashes. The despair that propels him so contagious he would hear people shout the screams he has always refused to let out.

Flames would turn to embers, which would turn to ashes, which would merge into wind. And then, nothing. Entropy will always do its job, it is true, but he could not deny the calling he received to be an arm of Oblivion. He knew he had not what it took to be one of its heads, but an arm seemed to him even more fulfilling.

The march was about to begin. The only certainty is nothing would escape the rage. They could beat him but never escape him. The knight of Oblivion rose and set on his way to the Dark Order keep to gather once more with the glorious ranks of destruction.
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= Imryrr Armunn =
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Seasoned Veteran

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PostPosted: Sun May 19, 2013 8:09 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Deathride (explicit)

A pact with Chaos to do the work of Order. An axis of evil..of blood.
Imryrr Armunn slowly walked around her father's large stone desk. A map of Felucca resting in it's center covered nearly the entire surface. Chess pieces placed strategically across it. She stared at it as she walked. Thinking, planning, deciding. And she smiled at the news she received earlier. The Harbingers had agreed to an alliance. They would be riding with the Dark Order across all of Felucca. Burning, killing, taking slaves,...all for the promise of blood and ale. Savage, but they had their purpose in her schemes. They made for a fine tool. A trustworthy ally if there was the promise of battle.
Battle. It's what both craved. Blood was the oil that fed the war machine. Ready to crush all who opposed them.
Her white on white eyes lingered down upon a single black chess piece and her hand went slowly down to hover over it. What will I do with you, little sister? You opposed us. Shall we crush you or shall we use you? What could you possibly offer to make up for your act of treason? Land? No, we're going to take plenty of that. Someone's head on a pike? No, there are none worthy enough that we want. Then what? What is it will your husband bring to us that might possibly save your own head? ....... a slow, dark smile touched the corners of her mouth when an idea occurred to her. Perhaps he'll save your life yet. Honesty or family, Lord Ralph? Which would you choose to protect?

She picked up the chess piece and placed it down on the center of the map to leave it as an unanswered question, and then turned sharply to gather up her robe and gloves. The evening was approaching and soon her dark brethren would be meeting to attend the final preparations for their first campaign in a series of 5 campaigns. The first,...Felucca itself.
There was much to do this night. Much glory to prepare for.

They would start from the top and spread down, a tidal wave of death and horror. Demanding all they came across to bow down to the glory that is the Dark Order and swear fealty, or a bloody, painful death would be dealt to the lucky ones. The unlucky ones will be made into slaves or "snagas" for the Urks, or will be made perfect by the tendrils of Oblivion itself. Experiments under the careful guidance of the Magus Enoch and his assistants.
For those in other lands awaiting their deathride into the hands of the Urks and the Dark Order an Undoing was about to transpire....
= Imryrr Armunn =
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