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The Cabal Investigates Moonglow

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Cear Dallben ZOG

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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Location: Blackrock, Isle of the Avatar

PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2007 12:15 am Post subject: The Cabal Investigates Moonglow Reply with quote

"Glad you all could make it....late and spread out as usual...i love it. Listen Ive got some very important business to take care of with the bank and some other gentlement. Toren, Xandria, Shade, Narcissa, Ah hers Hermy now. You all will Have to visit Nostre and extract his information."

You see, just recently the cabal was informed of the Power Core's effet on blackrock by a man Cear met during his studies in the Feluccian Lycaeum. And Just recently after hearing of a Related device being built In Moonglow, battle was to ensue on behalf of the damned.

The Cabal did their part and went on to search the city. Toren found the device behind a curtian, much bigger than one would have guessed. Nostre, in turn for a Favor. would aid the cabal wiht a dose of knowledge

When the Cabal arrive at Nostres apartment at the far north end of the complex, there was but a note in his presence.

"It appears He has headed south for a moment.

*eyes more of the brief note* most bizzare..."

Upon heading south, just outside the city....there was a red....dark red, moongate with 4 peaces of Blackrock partially burried in the ground around it. Now we all know this just isnt good. But the other side of the gate looks like an inhabitable place. So the Cabal hops on thru, the gate and blackrock identical on the other side. They are now on the Feluccian Isle of the Avatar, and in seeing distance away....a dark cave.....

"What is this man doing in here? Why is he laying face down on a corpse?"

The cabal moved thru the cave, rather small. full of random personal belongings, and yes, at the back of the cave laid a horrifically disfigured Nostre, face down on an disembowled torso. After several minutes of beating the man he awoke and was taken to Blackrock Keep. The Cabalists led him to Cears fountian to clean up and bandaged him well.

"My deepest thanks mates. Normally i would not give out any such information without a little back scratch, but you all have saved me, All i know about the device is yours to have!"

After his prolonged silence and continues "freshening up" it was clear this man Nostre knew nothing on the subject, thus the Cabal drew their weapons

"Well what do you know! and what put you in that cave?"

"I followed the wind down the road. upon seeing the moongate i was blugeoned by a completly invisible force That is all.......As for the need to speak to my friend Mr. Effingbail. Hes off doing a study on dolphin can help him for me.

*smiles warmly* "ill just take a nap here..."

The Cabal angrily made haste to Effingbails post south of Trinsic only to arrive to a savage hack fest.

The man knew exctly the person they were seeking and all the cabal had to do, was help the novice mage catch some stronger, more advanced fish to study. They set out on his large ship and tossed a few nets, finally on the last net a large Krakken was defeated and Effingbail pleased.

"His name was Gregory Ironhand. Strange encounter indeed. I met him at the hungry halfling years ago. He was the smarted man ive met. Tinker, Carpenter, Blacksmith, a real artisan. He came in and we got to talking. I had to see his invention. He siad he even worked for Brittish!.......If i remember correctly, He lives on the north island of Jehlom. My thanks for your assistance!

Imidiatly the impatient Cabal set off for Ironhands home. Upon the intrution to the home they were startled at all the inventions and trinkets about. Twas amazing indeed. They rumaged thru all of his belongings. Knowledge was gained....knowledge of his dead wife, Coryn, of tuning forks, but nothing on the moonglow device. Nor was Gregory home. After a bit of waiting and chess games a man was seen peering thru the windows. started he hid outside where the Cabal seized him for questioning. The man told them what he knew and presumed.

"Ofcourse i had my involvment with the project but i backed away from the entire thing after i learned what i did. The device was orginally planned harvest blackrock. By in doing so the effects of blackock may be reversed. They way it looked to me on paper it was a sort of magnate. But the schematics and magicks involved doth not bode well. Theoretically it would be used at a doomsday machine!" That was all the Cabal wanted to hear, as they turned away to leave, "wait theres more!"
He wanted his sweet Coryn back from the dead for more information. or perhaps alliance. but as Toren and Narcissa explained then down side of that idea. Riders came to dispatch Gregory. Chaos broke loose. Gregory was killed and the Cabal made it out safely haveing taken down only one of the riders.

Blackrock moongates,
Harmed informants.
and a dead informant.
Cears mind would be blown when the Cabal returned

U6Online|| Welcome to Blackrock||Sunrise, Isle of the Avatar||Automatic Roleplay
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