The Grand Shield

by LM Montague

Upon my travels, I happened upon many foul beings and murderous humans whom I slayed rigorously. Having done this so often, I have since earned a title of Great Lord. It was time to receive the virtue shield held by those whom I had for so long admired and aspired to be like.

'Twas a wondrous day for me. I arrived via a marked rune provided by my new friend Darwin, whom had already achieved this status some time before. This was the first time I have ever set foot within the great Virtue Palace. After settling down from recalling, we set upon finding a guard from whom I could get my shield. After several attempts, we found one by the name of Ashby. I said the honored words "Virtue Guard". Ashby responded by asking if I was up to the challenge of being a Virtue Guard. "Yea" was my reply. Ashby congratulated me and placed the virtue shield in my backpack. I then equipped the shield, and felt its sense of power, honor, and greatness flowing through me. I was now a Virtue Guard.

Darwin and I then took a small tour of the palace. I must say, truly 'tis the most fantastic place in all the land. However, I have seen more comfortable thrones...

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. But they did learn about the grand shield.