Tailoring for Dummies

by Style McFop

Tailoring seems rather difficult at first in this town, but if you follow these rules, you too can get rich quickly.

First of all, find a tailor shop. Once it's done, try to find specials on thread. With the thread you too can begin to make designer clothing. Of course you can buy the pre-made cloth, but it is very expensive. Simply put the thread on the loom to make the cloth. It will typically take 5 bundles of threads for one bolt of cloth. After that, make fancy shirts and sell them. When the tailor can't afford anymore, do the same with robes and dresses. At last, make as many skullcaps as possible. Skullcaps require very little material and they can be sold at both the tailor's shop and the provisioner. With whatever you can't sew, make bandages with you scissors to sell at the healer's shop.

That's it... In no time you will be rich and famous like me.

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. But they did learn about tailoring.