Moonglow News
The Regency has long investigated Moonglow due to reports that the merchants had been suffering from extortion. There was a trial over it many months ago in which Teflon Bill was found guilty and since then things have become quiet. The Yakuza is still rumoured to exist in the city and some think that the shadowy organization set Teflon up for the fall. Nothing overly shady has happened in Moonglow since then and for a long period of time we have heard no negative news. This is in part due to the vigilance of the Regent’s general Sid and his legion of women fighters who are often on patrol there.

Some believe that there is no more trouble in store for Moonglow. Many citizens are reported to be going on with their lives living as they did years ago in ignorance of what might be around the corner. One citizen who spoke to us claimed “I don’t like this. I can feel something coming... its been too quiet lately so someone has to be plan’ something” When asked who that someone is the citizen shook his head and walked off. This sort of treatment is common. The people of Moonglow are notoriously tight lipped about island troubles and even agents of the Regency find it hard to interact with the commoners there. This is especially true with the merchants who have begun to distrust most outsiders.
Just a few days ago the following was posted on the Moonglow dock:
Hear yee on this day forward every ship entering this harbor shall be searched for contraband as per the Laws dictated by the power of the Regency as mandated by the Regency herself.

Baron Sid
General of the Regency
Needless to say we will have to see how things transpire
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