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And Jhelom was sacked.....

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Cear Dallben ZOG

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 2495
Location: Blackrock, Isle of the Avatar

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 1:18 am Post subject: And Jhelom was sacked..... Reply with quote

Cear Dallben had heared some bad news in the last few days, it seemed that the Lion knights took ill to their last defeat on the sands of Blackrock, and were now calling on one of the largest aliances to aid them. In hearing this Cear spent the next few days gathering as much aid as he could, and overly preparing himself, for he thought this time around the alliance was to take Blackrock in an second attempt. He could not have this. The time came and Cear sat at his table tapping an obsidian dagger against his skull as more and more men and women came to his keep. they spent the next few hours building a defence around Blackrock incase they had to retreat to it. Eventually the entourage was ready and set out for Jhelom

Within moments the mob ran clashing into the group of Lion Knights, who were however aided by only one, a dragoon of the sleeping dragon. The invaders swarmed around the knights like a fog of gnats tossing spells like rolling thunder. The clashes of swords came one after another like a collage of echoes. within the hour all of the lion knighs manifestations were gathered above the duleing pits. Cear was more than satisfied, and a grim crooked smile crossed his face and he trotted over to the graves. two bombs and the gate door fell to the ground and cear led a new army of the undead in a march throughout the town, guards dropped their arms and slammed themselves to the walls and the undead floated, crawled, and dragged themselves around the city, doing whatever they pleased.

I final thanks was given to thoes who helped the Cabal that night and cear headed off to the banks seeing what the going price was for a town these days

"Selling Jhelom 3 million!"
"hmm, i like Jehlom much better......."

U6Online|| Welcome to Blackrock||Sunrise, Isle of the Avatar||Automatic Roleplay
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NOT Malorn

Joined: 03 Nov 2004
Posts: 1920
Location: Everywhere

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 12:25 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

The initial charge fell upon the Lion Knights. Blade slammed into blade, the sound of metal clashing rang through out the city. Soft "thuds" where followed by the whining of horses as arrows streamed into thier flesh. Which was followed by more, louder "thuds" as the riders tumbled to the ground. They quickly rose to thier feet, though slowly regained thier composure.

Explosions showered the newly made footmen, as a field of fire engulfed thier line. A noxious cloud took shape around the Knights as the mages of the Ebon Skull cried out thier words of power.

A Knight fell.

The calvalry hopped from thier mounts and squared with thier opponents on the line. They worked in tandem, executing attacks together, as if a single entity. They struck ferociously at the now crude line William's men were desperatly struggling to maintain.

A hard "ping" lead to the cry of a man. His armor fell to pieces as steel ripped through his flesh. Blood spatter flew over the rest of the line as the swipe was finished. The Knight ceased his screams as he tumbled to the ground, motionless. Thier numbers were dwindling.

A Knight was locked in combat away from the line, gaining the upper hand. He raised his blade slightly over his head, being careful to not leave his chest open. He began a downward cross slash, when he was struck in the head with a purple vial. It exploded on impact; the man screamed as he was blown back a few feet, his face seared, and chared black. The smell of his hair and flesh burning filled the air. Few of the Lion Knights remained.

William cought sight of Cear across the battlefield and charged at him. Reacting quickly, The Cabalists' commander broke a vial at his feet. William tumbled back in a daze. Cear rushed in and thrust his obsidian blade towards William's throat. The hard "thump" made it evident that William had thrown his shield in the way. Cear dislodged his blade quickly and made a second lunge at William. Before the man had time to react, poison was coursing through his system. He stumbled backwards, the dagger retracting from his ribs. A slight smirk crossed Cear's face and William collapsed in a heap.

The final man stood. The invaders encircled him. Words of power rang out as spells rained over him. All at once, the warriors lunged, and drove thier blades deep into the man. When they retracted thier weapons, the man stumbled then fell, gurgling, and mumbling barely audibly.

The battle ended. The tally of dead was taken, and the corpses burned in the pit. Many of the thought dead Lion Knights could not be accounted for, however, William among them. There would undoubtedly be a retaliatory strike.

"So much over such a worthless city."
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Joined: 19 Jun 2005
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2005 5:44 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Walking among the fallen knights a smile came across this old warriors face. Such carnage brought a twing of joy to my blackened heart.
i commend all those that aided the Cabel in the storming and capturing of Jhelom. Well done I am impressed
Mortals die....
Gods Fade...
I Am Eternal...
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