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A Ruckus at the Fair Grounds

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Cear Dallben ZOG

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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Location: Blackrock, Isle of the Avatar

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 1:50 am Post subject: A Ruckus at the Fair Grounds Reply with quote

It was comming to an and at the fairgrounds and Rocke and Cear were devising a plan when a man heard Rocke say the name Cear.

"Whos Cear?" A man said twice before Cear hear him and looked up. Cear told him who he was and asked to whom is concerned. It was William who spoke him name, so Cear invited him into the Tent for talks. Once in private Cear made his thought and motives clear with his viscous ranting. William stood by his plans firmly and the two were left with one way to express themselves finaly. Within seconds a purple potion exploded against williams chest plate catching the side of the tent on fire. if that wasnt enough soon magical flames engulfed the entire tent and william stabbed thru Cear armour before running out of the abysmal enclosment. Cear made a quick slash as his leg with a poisoned obsidian dagger as he fell into his own flames. Cear came to his feet as fast as he could and darted out laughing madly after william, the two battled in the forests south of brittian thru the trees and rough terrain. Finnaly Cear shouted two sentences at the man laying by the tree stump that he hopes he will remember for eternity, "MAKE YOUR PEACE WITH LIFE! FOR IT SHALL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!"

Cear left the man and returned to Rocke for mroe devious planning thinking Surely this mans strenghth will return with more, he must be prepared.

U6Online|| Welcome to Blackrock||Sunrise, Isle of the Avatar||Automatic Roleplay
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Joined: 20 Feb 2004
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Location: Vesper

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 4:08 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

William regained some concense a few minutes after Cear and Aries left. William couldn't get up and he can barely see so he crawled and kept crawling until he got to Skara Brae. Once Will got to Skara Brae he passed out at the docks. A sailor asked was he alright but William didnt respond for he was knocked out. The sailor wondered who this man was layed out at the docks, he knew he wasn't from Skara. The sailor said "maybe he's a warrior from Jhelom that's where we are going anyway, they are having a war on ZOG so who knows whats wrong with him."

The sailor took William on the boat to Jhelom, once he got there with Will he asked one of the Milita did they recognize him. The Milita man said "I do not think so but his colors are the Lion Knights colors so maybe he is one of them."The Sailor said "Well maybe he was looking for that William fella."The Militaman responed "Well William is not here, where he is I do not know but we have to get this man to the healers." They brought him to the healers and started to examine him. They saw his chest and noticed burn marks "Wow this man has been through some trama" said the healer. The noticed his leg as it was a huge cut and the smell of deadly poison. "oh my god this man is very close to dying, he must of had hel before he came to you in Skara otherwise he would be dead as we speak."The healer took off his helmet and saw it was William, "Oh my god it's WILLIAM AND HE IS DYING, he was still weak from the last time he was poisoned."The militaman said "well can he be saved?'' The healer responed not by us we must find a great mage or Paladin." The Militaman said "I know someone hold on" he ran out to get them. A lady walked in and said "oh my he is badly poisoned, must be the work of Cear." She burned his leg so that the posion would die and closed his wound. William regained his concense and said "where am I." The lady said your at home, you'll learn not to got out without your guard otherwise you will get killed and the whole tide of the war will change." William responded "who on earth are you." The lady bowed and said "I am Leala La Roux niece of Llira, I am here for Tokugawa for he is dying."William was sad for Tokugawa will die soon. Leala said "do not worry I know much about these ZOG people, I know what their weaknesses are and we will destroy them quick. I for one do not like these ZOG or that Cein." William was still sad but the Lord gave him answer, one that may end the war very quick.
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Ceinwyn ab'Arawn
Transcendent Spammer
Transcendent Spammer

Joined: 13 Dec 2004
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PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2005 5:30 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Ah, a wonderful night for a festival, Ceinwyn thought as she arrived at the fairgounds.

But all was not to be.

Sure, all went well for the story-telling, to be sure. But, sometime just before the auction, a stranger had begun to hound her. He made subtle yet all-too-familiar comments.

Who is this man in red? She wondered. I know him not. I have never met him. Yet he seems to know who I am, though few have really ever seen my face. And surely not in this shroud. She thought of the carefully planned outfit she had worn underneath the shroud. Maybe I should not risk revealing myself.. he MIGHT be a threat.

When it was time for her to be auctioned, she threw caution to the wind and removed her shroud. As she stood upon the stage, wondering if any would dare bid on her, she heard that stranger in red, again with his obscene comments. It brought her back to her mind her childhood, in Trinsic. The townspeople there had been ignorant, too, in their day.

As the winning bid was officiated, she heard one last comment from this aggravating tomato. She could only damn herself for a self-made promise to not lose her customary anger tonight.

Walking up to him, for she could smell that he was a man, this close up. She spoke low, in a harsh tone.

"You should watch your tongue about those you do not know, or I shall have to remove it."

With that she walked away, to greet the person whom had "won" her. She was determined not to have her night ruined.
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