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The return Of Lamento U'har, and closure

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 30, 2005 12:13 am Post subject: The return Of Lamento U'har, and closure Reply with quote

*It had been some time since Lamento was Slain in the Holy Church of Virtues for his crimes agains the Zog Cabal, now a strange presence in the Wisp Lair has alerted the Cabalists that they had not seen the last of him*

The Cabalists were all gathered in Castle Blackrock speaking of philosophy and the likes when a wisp came to them and called them to the wisp lair, for Cear Dallben had felt this strange presence long enough.
Toren arrived before the others to find Cear in the library rummaging thru the bookcases and secured the hallways until the others arrived.

All the cabalists came as one after that and sat at the table with Cear. Cear Sat there in a strong stance with his hands outstreatched flat on the table. "I have felt this old presence long enough, I call on you all, now, go to the depths of this infested basment of the wisp, bewares of the Mages that lurk the halls, for they seek only to twist the Wisp for their power. Leave no corner, no room unsearched until you find the source of this 'presence'. Be off."

The Cabalists sped thru the halls of the Lair of knowledge and ultimate power and rode straight into the lower lair, bringing end to all who saught the power of the wisp. Finnaly they came to the remerberance room, were statues stood engraved for all of the old leaders of the Cabal, and there stood the ghost of Zendella Kxriss, right infront of her statue. at teh sight of her the cabalist imediatly cleared the room and brought the Lady life. Upon ressurection the ghost fell back against the statue and vomited, she only got out a few words before her body burst into flames and thus, fell into the darkness of death, thoes words were "Slay the collector of souls! for he binds my soul, i cannot live as he does--"

With this the cabalists set off in the opposite direction and spent little time overcomming the Collector of Souls teleporter maze. On the other side however the cabalists saw a dead end. "If only the lady had given us ohhhh, better directions?" Said Toren with a despaired face. As they searched the room more Sister Ceinwyn came to a stop "Brothers, come at once, there is a breeze comming from this wall." with this plantauxe shot the door with an arrow spining it open, and the Cabalists moved on to slay the slayer of all slayers.

Once it was defeated the ghost appeared again and was givin unbound life. "I have to tell you, at the last attempt to cast the great wisp born spell, we had not enough blackrock, and the breaking of it at the attempt scattered my presence thruought the world. you must know, the traitor Lamento U'har is not dead! He continues even now to rally the people against you, he threatens to reveal your true intentions, search for him and bring him to a stop!" with that said the Collector of souls was reborn and Zendella said her farewells as the burned away into the warmth of death.

The cabalists left teh infested lair to search the lands. The west bank of Brittian being the most popular of gathering places, the cabalists arived.
None the less there stood Lamento shepards crook and all shouting blaphemy torwards the Cabal. At the sight of the arriving Cabalists Lamento hurled his thought aloud, and swore to end the reign of the Cabal from his fortress in the Currupt forest "Oops, Kal Ort Por "

The Cabalists met his departure with diabolical grins on their faces, immidiatly a gate was opened to a public moongate were they set out to the only stucture they new existed in the damned forest.

The Cabalists entered the Necromancer Arena wich was ridden with maps and tables with Blackrock marked as the attack location. Towards the back was a man with a lantern ligh held by his side. at the sigh of the cabalists "DAMNATION! I MAY LOOSE MY LIFE! BUT SURELY YOU WILL AS WELL!" with this the madman ran to the cages on both sides of the arena, releaseing two dragons and two White Wryms. Plantauxe shot an arrow binding Lamento to the pillar of bones "you wait there" he said. with this the cabalist battled without cease, giveing the beasts no casualties. only a wounded Wyrm was left and the cabalist bid Lamento a final farewell as they all hid behind pillars, thus the beast has its final meal.

After an night of action the cabalists returned to the Dark Wisp Tavern in Blackrock to be appreciated by there Leader, and went on that night to sleep as others wish they could.

U6Online|| Welcome to Blackrock||Sunrise, Isle of the Avatar||Automatic Roleplay
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