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HCV Sermon" Chaos

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Joined: 15 Jul 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2005 9:50 pm Post subject: HCV Sermon" Chaos Reply with quote


There are those few who still persist in extending Blackthorne’s claim that Chaos is just another Virtue. Chaos is no more a Virtue than Order is a Virtue. Chaos and Order are philosophies and ends of our actions, not root bases of our actions. The Virtues are independent of Chaos or of Order. Chaos and Order can be the result in how we apply and interpret the Virtues to our lives.

Most of us know about Order and have found it to be an end we are comfortable with. Still, there are those who are so obsessed with Chaos that they try to imply that Chaos is a Virtue, as they cannot otherwise bring Chaos to the forefront without deceit. They realize that alone they are too insignificant in numbers to challenge Order as the prevailing desired end of living the Virtues. So they turn things over and declare, as Lord Blackthorne, that Chaos is a newly found Virtue. They are not satisfied with having Chaos in their own lives; they insist that everyone be forced to pursue Chaos. That is what their claim of the new Virtue Chaos need be forced onto others, even if those others prefer Order. This intrusion is one that must be resisted.

For those who really prefer Chaos, there is plenty of such unrest to go around. There was the Orc attack on Cove and the present attack on Britain. If they crave Chaos is that significant, let them live in these places where the Order of our society is being challenged. Let them visit Ilshenar where there is an entire area devoted to Chaos. Let them take up any area on the fringes of our society or in the darkest, most remote depths of the many dungeons that still plague our lands. Let them take their desire for lives filled with Chaos where they no longer plague the rest of us. We do not begrudge them their pursuit of a life riddled with Chaos. We just do not wish to share such a life with these folk and ask that they give us the same respect as we attempt to have Order in our lives.

But at least one group who follow the ways of Chaos challenged that the Regency, and by implication the rest of us, bow to their demand to embrace Chaos or else. The or else was a plague that brought more suffering than it did to serve Chaos. Many in our society teamed together to find a cure and assist those stricken and return sanity to their lives. All their efforts to introduce Chaos through this plague failed. What they did succeed in showing was what can be accomplished when Order and the Virtues are brought to bear to solve any problem. I wish to give praise to all those, both in the front lines and those less visible, who dedicated their efforts and time to aiding the afflicted. Their efforts and eventual success proves what the Virtuous can accomplish when they work together. These events also proved that as a society, we prefer Order to Chaos and invite those wishing Chaos to please go elsewhere to enjoy their fruits.
Bartholomew; Celebrant of Virtue {HCV}
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Cear Dallben ZOG

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:09 pm Post subject: Ill have an Order of Chaos please........ Reply with quote

*Cear, having just heard this sermon, summoned his WispBorn mount and sped to the Dark Wisp tavern to speak to brother eliphas on the matter. He sat down and recapped all he could remember to his brother and began to speak, clearer than ever before*

You know about me Eliphas, I never really Came to know that Lord Blackthorn fellow too much, not until I was banished into this lovely world you have here, which I must say isn’t as beautiful as Ilshenar once was. *Smiles and laughs for a moment smacking Eliphas on the back*
But really, a fool is he and any other to say Chaos is a Virtue, Order for that matter. They are both inevitable parts of live. I’m sure those Samurai may even agree that Order and Chaos are the same as Ying and Yang. But I won’t go there.....I never really caught on to the use of virtues when I came here, I thought they were simply one mans way of life, if one holds patience at a virtue to himself, then it is. Lord Brittish Evil or Very Mad Simply had he sought to live by. and yes, there fine fine. But people should seek their own ways, unless they know deep down his are theirs as well. I would definatly say Chaos is one of the greatest and worst parts of life. Chaos is grand in that it allows us to live with no set fate, and that anything can happen in time. This man, the one who gave the sermon, he was saying that Chaos brings bad things and that is its nature! *laughs spasmatically for nearly eleven seconds* His examples were that town that was attacked my orcs and the invasion of the northern part of Brittian. there may have been another but I remember not. But can you believe that Eliphas?! who’s to say that was caused by chaos or lack of order?! Surely I would say that the principal of Chaos would make it so that these things are possible but that is was the reason? Lord of the Abyss no! Chaos is the reason that all things can be done by the hands of the willing. and order is to sometime preserve those doings, for some time.

Everything moves from a state of order to a state of disorder. Never the opposite without the expenditure of energy.
*says Eliphas*

Exactly! And chaos can not be pursued, contained or established. It is static and cannot be forced, that is its beauty
He even spoke of my hometown in Ilshenar. which not what it seems.
It was once a beautiful place, the most actually, a city of pleasures many called it. But in time it move towards Disorder, and Lava flowed thru the city, ruining it, there was no bad there. not until nature had its way. Ilshenar is not what it used to be anywhere not Eliphas, I tell you. When I visit Honesty I am almost always immediately set afire by Imps, its is not chaos, just an example of what it allows. Chaos its nature, and nature is beautiful is it not Eliphas? He even finished his sermon by saying that all those who accept Chaos to go elsewhere! here I go.
*finishes his pitcher of liquor and stands*
Forgive me Eliphas, the ramblings of an Alien Scholar must be quite a bore

*Puts his arms into his sleeves and walk next-door to write in his journal*
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