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A Forgotten Staff

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Bellrick Ospen

Joined: 06 Jul 2020
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Feb 10, 2022 1:58 am Post subject: A Forgotten Staff Reply with quote

Rumours of a wicked staff carved from the blackest of stone have spread across the underbelly of Britannia. Words on the wind make their way across the continent to the sands of Fire Isle. Wisp whisperings excitedly add to their incantations. From whispers to scroll, scroll to study, these missives reveal key clues to secrets hereto missing from certain scribe’s notes and research into a ritual to set things right.

The setting is a radiantly-gilded man riding into the Western Britannia in search of weapons. Bellrick happens upon an old man handling many oddities. Curious, Bellrick approaches to peruse his goods. A disheveled and aging man, white with hair deeming himself as Ziggy the second of his name peddles his good along the bustling street. Among his many baubles, trinkets, and lockpicks; Bellrick spots wickedly spiked whips, he found many that would serve his lords seemingly twisted ways.

Pleasantries were exchanged as transactions transpired and Bellrick learned that the man conducted business with many across the land. Among them was a growing empire that harbored a white-hot treasure Bellrick most fiercely desired. “Ah do you know of White Harbor?” Bellrick pried. “Oh I know, White Harbor ok enuf”, Ziggy huffed. “Ah you know the master by name?”, Bellrick asked. Ziggy looked aside, “You know what I meant”.

“Why ya ask?”, Ziggy asked.

“Just being the curious sort.”, Bellrick retorted.

Silence filled the air as the two stared in wait of a response.

“I’m more or less a free agent I guess? Ya ‘no, grounds keeping for White Harbor at most.” Ziggy added.

“Ah, and free for business at the moment then?” Bellrick blurted excitedly. His eyes widen at the prospect.

Ziggy’s eyes dart for a moment, “Sure?” he quickly responds.

Bellrick quickly leans into the old mans face, “Are you the sort that asks questions about a job?” he prods. Taken aback, Ziggy asks, “Is al’col involved?”

With his particular prize in mind, confusion sets over Bellrick, “What you do on your own time is no concern of mine.” The vague proposition of forward payment soars over Bellrick without grazing his hair. Bellrick continues, “This job ain’t got nothing to do with hooch, if that’s what yer askin’.”

“Oh.”, Ziggy says disappointed.

His finger idly toying with items on the street cart, Bellrick eyes the nearby guards. “Let’s talk somewhere more private…”. They walk the busy streets until they meet a suitable tavern.

“Loud and busy is the same as quiet in my book.” Bellrick says as he hammers two tankards down to the table. Unknowingly satisfying the old man’s request, much to the old man’s delight.

Bellrick’s look becomes stern, “What you know about North Harbor?”

Elated from his premature reward, Ziggy seemingly forgets the previously probing nature of his benefactor. He takes a deep breath after a large gulp, Ziggy wipes his lip and says, “It’s a nice place if not for the reapers.”

Bellrick furls his eyebrows in contemplation. He calculates for a moment and asks, “Do you have any reason to fear these reapers?”

Ziggy, after taking long gulps and becoming more wobbly blurts, “They sing terribly…other than that no..pfft.” Bellrick belts a heartly laugh. “Good to hear…..Good to hear, my friend.”

Bellrick beckons and leans in closer. Ziggy leans in intently. “Look, I think I may have misplaced something there during a party.” Ziggy nods knowingly.

“It was real important to me, ya know?.......” Bellrick says, waiting for an answer.

“My grandfather owned it…..It’s a staff…….Black…….the material probably resembles rock……” Bellrick stumbles as Ziggy continues to slowly nod.
“So you want it back?” Ziggy finally responds. “I get what you mean by it”

“No there ain’t nothing to mean by it”, Bellrick chuckles nervously, “I honestly lost it.”

Bellrick slyly smirking to his patron, notes the state of the old man’s tankard. “AH, another libation!” Bellrick hollers to the nearest beer wench.

Satiated, Ziggy postulates, “Only…the White Harbor master will be away this weekend.”

Bellrick’s eyes light up, “Well I wouldn’t want to bother him with a blunder so egregious on my part. It might best if you retrieve it during then so he isn’t bothered.”

The reasoning sets in on the inebriated man as he nods. “Yes, I don’t think he’d care.”

“So you will retrieve this for me? As a favor? No sorry, as a job and I will pay you well in gold as well as another round?”

The old mans eyes went wide as he nodded furiously….The pact had been struct.
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Pigeon Lizard

Joined: 12 Feb 2022
Posts: 1

PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2022 12:17 am Post subject: Ziggy's ordeal Reply with quote

Ziggy wakes to a startle from a loud rapid pounding on his door knocking something heavy from his lap to the floor. "I know you're in there" the voice on the other side of the door said, "I can hear you, open the door now!" Ziggy stood up rubbing his blurry eyes, Stubbing his toe on the heavy object sending rolling across the floor. "Mr. Buldarn, is that you?" Ziggy said. "Yes, who else would it be!" the voice replied "Where is my clock! let me in right now!" The banging continued.

"Sorry Mr. Buldarn, I seem to have misplaced me keys" he said, yawning. "Where is my clock, i paid a good bit of coin so far to you to fix it and have it returned by yesterday!"Mr. Buldarn yelled through the door. "I'll have you know, I'm good friends with Miss Hope at the Cat's Lair, and she said you were there till the wee hours of the morning!" he continued. " You dun have your clock?" Ziggy interrupted. "NO" Mr. Buldarn yelled. "The courier said it be delivered by noon yesterday at the latest" Ziggy continued, eyeing the aforementioned clock still in pieces upon his work bench. "Mayhaps tis delivered this morning while you are here? Edder way I'll haf' words with the courier soon as I find me keys''

The banging from the door stopped but not the banging in Ziggy's head did not. "Well I'll return home after my errands, if it is not there i will return tomorrow and every day after that!. AND I will be deducting it from the remainder of your fee for the inconvenience of it all!" Mr. Buldarn said with a huff as he stormed off.

Ziggy let out an audible sigh, looking down curiously at a large black staff rolling at his feet. Fumbling his meny pockets looking for his flask he finds a note with instructions to deliver the staff to an inn in Vesper the following Saturday night. He vaguely Remembers something about a job to find and deliver the staff, it is all too fuzzy to think about. He ponders to himself or a bit as he picks up the staff and wraps it in an old blanket, "whelp be good to avoid ol Mr. Buldarn for a few and make some coin same time not be so bad". Throwing the bundle over his shoulder he feels the uneasy energies coming off the staff and mutters under his breath "about hating Blackrock and charging more for hauling this thing all the way over to Vesper" as he shuts the door behind him.
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