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Killing King Blackthorn

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Willow Smythe

Joined: 25 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 2:18 am Post subject: Killing King Blackthorn Reply with quote

For months now, the dream had been the same. All the city governors sitting on either side of the king. at the table, Sosaria's citizens behind them. The room was laden with tapestries woven from the finest of materials, a bountiful banquet was laid before them. In all the castle and king's splendor, he did not keep the wealth all to himself. He was just in the reallocating of funds. King Blackthorn had even seen fit to put a stop to the pirating marauders that tended to sail along the coast of Jhelom.

To this day, Willow was bewildered as to why she grabbed the black obsidian kryss. It puzzled her as to why she charged King Blackthorn and shoved her blade into his chest, twisting and lifting the blade to make sure that this was not an assassination attempt, but a full on assassination. Amidst the following chaos that ensued, the little girl stood and stared back at her, smiling as if to say “Well done”.

Willow sat up in her bed and rubbed her temples. The act of assassinating the king wasn't what pulled at her. It was simply the lack of motivation towards the actions themselves?

Why kill the king?

I don’t really want to reign over all of Sosaria

what other purpose of MINE would that serve?

Just as the last question crossed her mind, Willow felt the weight of something on her legs. The Dark blade from her dreams now lay across her lap and a little girl stood beside her and stared directly into her eyes.

“It has begun. Do not hesitate or many innocent will die. Strike now or all will be lost” **

Willow sat up in her bed, finally waking form the dreams. The blade and child were gone. Anger and aggravation flowed through her as she said to the night

“Listen Demon, I don't appreciate anyone telling me what to do. I will NOT rescue the “innocent” of YOUR cause. If they cannot rescue themselves, they deserve to perish. I am no one's pawn! Go FIGHT YOUR OWN DAMNED CRUSADE!”

By the end of her statement, Willow has was yelling. So much so that her daughter, Iris came to see what was the matter. Iris looked as though she was ready for training. She was in her full armor and had weapons and supplies to spare.

“What's wrong mum? Can't sleep? She asked cautiously.

“Nay, I cannot” Willow replied

“Care to duel?” Iris asked pleadingly, eager for company.

“Lead the way m'girl” Willow said as she grabbed her own gear. A slow dolphin grin spread across both of their faces. Willow and Iris headed to the field to train and see the sun rise. Perhaps they were more alike than they knew.

**Quote taken from a separate post sent by Lillith
Malorn ‎(12:14 AM):
I'm an idiot
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