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The Unfortunate Aftermath

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:01 pm Post subject: The Unfortunate Aftermath Reply with quote

A Note to the ZOG Cabal Overlord, from Cabalist Sorcerer Minalan Zhalfast.

Summary: The experiment failed! The fabric of reality re-wove itself completely approximately 12 days in the past for the entire Isle of Fire. Obviously this was not the intended result, as reality should not have returned at all. However, in the aftermath of the explosion and the resulting time-altering wave front, much can be learned from our attempt.

Timeline: Using my orb of scrying, my mystic spellcraft, and the few tattered notes I took that somehow survived, I have constructed an estimated timeline of the experiment in question, up to and including The Event, which shall thus be referred to as “Tau” from here on. You will have to excuse the deliberate ambiguity, because the events described have simultaneously both occurred already, and not yet transpired. For simplicity’s sake, I will use the “past” tense to describe what happened, since the technically accurate “was/will be” will only serve to promote confusion.

Tau minus eight days: Cear turns over sketches and blueprints for the device over to Minalan and Dragothien. From the plans given, the two are unable to discern as to whether their overlord is a genius, or a complete raving madman.

Tau minus five days: Cabalists gather the pieces necessary for the construction of the device in secret.

Tau minus three days: The device is completed and installed as proscribed. Minalan warns that we should double-check the rune alignment, and the mathematical calculations. The overlord presses on regardless, assuring everyone of their deliberate configuration.

Tau minus ten minutes: Cabalists gather to activate the device. The spells are begun, the fuel and components gathered, and the focus activated.

Tau: The device opened a void in space and time as expected, and then the core of it spontaneously deconstructed itself. The Red Sorcerer’s tower was destroyed in a massive explosion and all cabalists were incinerated in the blast. The release of energy from the disintegrating machine triggered a time wave the sent the island back in time by twelve days.

Conclusions: As result of Tau, we can conclude that there is a finite and measurable elasticity to space and time, which we can compensate for in our next attempt. Dragothien believes that he has found the design flaw in the alchemical makeup of the device that caused the explosion. Whether or not we found and corrected this issue on our last attempt is currently a matter of lively debate. The simple answer is, “I don’t know”. None of us do. We will have to confer on the matter.

Concerns and Observations: While the blast radius of event Tau was focused on the Feluccan Isle of Fire, its effects may have been experienced on other facets of Sosaria. I suggest we lay low, and take meticulous care that our secret is not revealed, at least until our next attempt. From what I have observed, some people and places were unaffected, while others more clearly so. Farm fields that were harvested two weeks ago are now ripe with wheat. Homes that were built recently are no longer there. The world is bound to notice what happened. While Nightshade may take great joy in the chaos that we are directly responsible for, we must remain silent as ever.

- Minalan the Red
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