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The Adventures of Tetujin Zuul: Technomancy Gone Wild

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 9:45 pm Post subject: The Adventures of Tetujin Zuul: Technomancy Gone Wild Reply with quote

The Adventures of Tetujin Zuul:

You should be caught up to speed for this one...
In his spare time the alchemist down the way
has been working on a project of his own.
A dabble in Technomancy if you ask me.
The automaton was created armoured and armed.
Its name was Tetujin Zuul, and it was a living
Perhaps it is too early in sosaria's history and life
for a perfect creation, perhaps this is a first pass, or
technology his isnt were our hearts are yet.
But this mechanical creation is bizzare. Sparks
and nonsencical syntax are around every corner with
this one. But It merrits credit on the part of Dragothien.
So Dallben gathered his Brothers and sisters in cause
to go and whitness this breakthru in mayhem.

After a polite introduction and a brief briefing they set off to the furthest
reach of the Settlement of Blackrock, where the freakish creation was being held.
A few days earlier Dragothien had been working on a remote control type of system
that involved communication crystals. He aimed to have a two way communication
at all times between him and his frea- creation.
But as soon as they entered the lab something was wrong,
no Tetujin... the audience demanded to see the half man half robot but it
was nowhere to be found
Dragothien dashed for his communication device but something had been tampered with.
It seemed all communication was down.

Was it theivery? Ideas and if's and what's raced thru Dragothiens mind,
Then suddenly there was hope.

Communitcation was established!!!
Sort of...
It was one way, Only the cabal could hear transmissions.
Dragothien tried for what seemed like years but the Tetujin
was nonresponsive. then this transmission came thru.

This was not good. Cabalist property and invention was AWOL
in a multiverse of unrighteous creatures and people.
The Tetujin known as Zuul must be recovered!

There was a short conversation before instructions were given
to act on all inteligence that came thru that crystal, and find the
Meanwhile Dallben went to go visit the wenches of Buccaneers Den,
and take a bath.

Later: A CLUE!!!!

After Clue!

All of the people excited about the clues even got the cute puppy barking!

Awwwwww Cute puppy...

After about 45 minutes to an hour of bad guesses and wrong ideas based on the clues,
the creator had a good guess! No one knew what he had in mind but he spoke of ilshenar.
So after a few minutes of yelling for a gate, he finally got one.
And the Cabalist were off.

They followed Sir Gothein from Ilshenar's ode to Valor south.
To the opening of a mountian. They were on their way to Terrot Skitas.
The Temple of knowledge. But to get there, would not be easy.....

*8 hours later*

After a nearly unflawless treck thru hell the cabal saw light for which they dashed.
Outside were no signs of mondain's hellish nightmares, only peace and water,
nectar of life.
Oh, and a strange man on a cliff.

Whoever the keeper of that Temple was, obviously did not get many visitors.
He failed to recognize that the Cabal was serious business and led them on a
week long teleportation chase throughout the temple. He was finally cornered and questioned
about his previous visitor. He had little to say. But the Crystal had more.

Clue #2

This was both good and bad. They now know its in a largley populated area,
but it encountered an error.
Logic was the enemy here, pronounce a word wrong, say something that doesnt make
sence, and he cant handle it. He just passes out for a few seconds.
Why is this bad? Well.....
A few days before Sir Admin Dragothien instructed the Robot to preform
a weapons check upon "Re-Boot".
Weapons, Large population... Yeah.

It was time for the Cabal to bail as well, The man at the temple said
He opend a transport to a moongate by skara brae, and that was all.
Dragothien though,
Moongate...Nearest populated city...

And another was encountered who did not understand the serious business taking palace.

Alas they arrived to late. The one known as Zuul was not to be seen, even the guards were
still searching. The Cabal searched for the most confused fellow they could find and interrogated
him in private. The man was practically worthless. But it was better than talking to
guards. All they got out of him was that Zuul aimed to go sailing.
The following is that series of unfortunate events.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere......

This was certianly not good. Something already important, time, is now of the essence!
The Robot could be anywhere at sea, on any facet of the multiverse!
How do they save him!
Luckly, Tetujin, knowing that he would die soon, sent out an sos.
It was long, Sad, and kinda cute, but the one part he repeated over
and over and over, was his "Location"

Finally after like ten thousand years the Cabalists finally got it!
They dashed thru the moongate to the nearest rune library
and gated away to the infamous tip of the underwater mountian.
Upon arrival sure enough there was the Item of Intrest, The Tetujin Zuul.
He was floating next to a sinking boat, sending of flares or rockets, or....
whatever thoes things are when he malfunctions. He was surrounded by viscious
sea animals, luckly for him they noted that the majority of him was
not edible. He was tossed something to hand on while the Cabal fetched
a boat for him to hop on to.

The mission was a success. The property was reclaimed, and chaos rattled sosaria for a little while.
The mission,

Was a Success.

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