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A tale about mages

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Ceno of MT

Joined: 30 Jan 2009
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Location: Moonglow, Fel

PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 8:38 pm Post subject: A tale about mages Reply with quote

Once upon a time there was a large Tower on the island of Moonglow, which was said to have been placed by magical means. And no one ever questioned that for the tower itself emanated arcanic powers. They called this tower "The Mage Tower". A comunity of people who came together to learn the magical arts of Sosaria. They brought the people of Sosaria together for special events and to just have a wonderful time.
The Tower itself was a grand tower, decorated with gifts blessed onto the Tower by the Gods themselves. Some of the things found today, were only a dream for people to have back in this day. Mages from all over the land came to visit this Mage Tower to learn more of the magical arts, and learn they did.
One of the great and most rememorial things about this grand tower of mages was it's roof, which held the Eternal Flame of Mages and when spoken certain magic words would transport you to an arena on the island of the Avatar.
But this grand tower of mages was not alone, oh no. For when Mondain's crystal shattered creating shards of Sosaria, a Mage Tower was made on each of these shards. These Mage Towers were able to create a rift in space and visit one another and became brothers and sisters and in turn invited each other to their own shard for events.
Sadly, these towers of mages have a sad story. Over time the Towers began to fall, the people of their shards forgetting about them, and new comers never learning about them. All but two "true" Towers remain now. The shard named Baja, and the shard named Lake Superior.
These two shards now work together to reclaim what was once a grand comunity of players.
They now reach out to all the people on the Atlantic shard to help them. Help them find those once belonged to The Mage Tower so they may once again join their brothers and sisters and to help them reclaim what their shard has lost so many years ago.
I know this because I am from the Baja shard and am the proud member of The Mage Tower! Those who were once apart of AMT are no longer alone! Your Tower may have fallen, but NOT forgotten! A Tower has been placed in rememberance of AMT but with no members to be found roaming its halls.
You are not alone, your brothers and sisters are here, waiting for you with open arms. RECLAIM WHAT YOU ONCE HAD I SAY!....For you are not alone...
"MT's are neutral, we don't care if you're blue, grey or red. You don't have to join The Mage Tower to be a member. Becoming a member of the Mage Tower is as simple as coming and joining in the fun."
- S'roneous the Purple Mage of Lake Superior
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