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I Remember Thoes Trolls....

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 06, 2008 2:51 am Post subject: I Remember Thoes Trolls.... Reply with quote

I Remember Thoes Trolls

What happened next....Right well, we went back. He was still there, at the docks, so that worked out. I was a bit unearthed that we, the cabal, burned a man alive for nothing. You know, without getting something first, or at least after, but we were about to get...........................something? I suppose?
He told us where to go for our "passage”, The outskirts of Vesper. He said something about a problem finding the key. The key to what I thought. A key can be anything. As we are the key to restoration. The man at the docks......unusually.....did not offer us passage. He told us to go to the northern outskirts of Vesper. He mentioned a boat with a tiller man who would respond only to "ataxis". We found him. He was the only man with a boat in the north. Now the tiller man, he was an interesting folk. And he made a bit of sense to us. He like us simply sis not understand. Why were we here? How did we get here? It seemed like the apparitions of Blackthorns past always seemed to favor us, and lead us on. The Living seemed confused yet willing to aid us. More than likely, just because of what we knew, had, or presented. By the time he let us on the boat and set sail, he was stubborn and unhappy with his ignorance, but we had the stone. We sailed for about thirty minutes, chatting amongst ourselves about what was ahead, strangely he was heading towards vesper, but we were still far away. I talked with Nightshade about Toren, and what he was up to. Killian was in the rear bothering the tiller man while Dragothien stared at him with insanity's curiosity. We arrived shortly, on one of the only Islands in Vesper.

The second we got off the plank we noted the dirty shanty made from the under-bridge. I eyed it with caution and gathered the Cabalists near. I told them, ” Whatever we find and whatever happens, look to me for direction.” The seriousness of my look let them know how to treat this situation. We walked around cautiously whilst the tiller looked at us with a brief “whatever” glance.
There was a troll inside! My fine young Cabalists decided to let me wake him, since I was so kind as to allow them to visit the erupting volcano. I was relieved when he woke to find he was only just above average troll intelligence. One of those semi rare kind that speak broken common. I forget his entire story but we was pushed of the bridge by a fellow troll in Vesper; and that his name, was G’Spank…

I gathered the Cabalists immediately at the far end of his entrapment. "Speak NOTHING of the Zog Cabal! I remember those trolls…"

We spoke short sentence with the being of troll race until we were comfortable with showing it the token of passage and explained only recent events. The ones that seemed to make it appropriate that we were before him asking for closure. We were invested with joy when he said he would aid us, and finally bring this side track to an end. To think this all started with some bastard in moonglow who’s been dead for months.
Turns out, he needed his closure first. It was time for payback. We did not complain, we did not jest, we did not speak another word, to the bridge it was and to the trolls we stampeded. We did not kill a single one, but we slashed the ribs of them all. We did not leave sight of a single troll unless it was on the ground bleeding into the fertile dirt.

When we returned the troll pardoned himself to his shanty and reached where only troll could reach. And brought us this…

The Key of Ataxis

Great, another dead end.


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