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Eruption, Revelation, The Abyss, and a Lovely Camp Fire

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 05, 2008 2:22 am Post subject: Eruption, Revelation, The Abyss, and a Lovely Camp Fire Reply with quote

Token of Passage

I forget why we were all there. I don’t even remember what we were doing. It was all of us. Save the Stygian Ally, that Malphas, asleep in the ziggurat. Dragothien was saying something of his health to Narcissa, Nightshade and Toren spoke to Ebon about a wisp they encountered, and I sat staring into a globe, envisioning the chaos of the world coming to a silence after the muttering of his words.
Then suddenly

The shield we were led to in Blackthorn’s Castle fell to the floor. We all fell back. Dragothien fell down the stairs. The ground shook with diminishing returns, and the Cabalists followed me outside were we saw a cannibal of lava reaching into the sky. Now…this may sound as wrong as a dungeon. But to preserve the life and purpose of the Cabal, I stayed at the keep and sent the fine men and women into investigate.
“When the Cabalists arrived at the base of the volcano a daemon of hate peered down to them. He went by Fayefen, and he was a large one. He immediately fired to the Zog Cabalists questions and demands. Malphas was needed in the Stygian Abyss. War raged and a man named Relvinian was loving it. Fayefen was fortunate to find a way out. But it would not last long. Get Malphas he said. And go get him they did. Narcissa rushed off to find the daemon shut down in the corner possessed with dream. From Dallbens view atop his keep the woman dashed off on her mount and the Stygian ally dove from the temple and o’er the trees to the unstable land. Malphas perched himself on the mouth of hell and conversed with the cabalists new friend. They could not hear all they said even with their rather loud voices. But one thing was sure. It was back to the abyss to fight for Mammon. He glanced back to Nightshade Strathmore and spoke. Woman. Take this, my only way out. You will know to when to use it, for the cabal will be at its end. Until then, use it not. And with this she was tossed a bracelet, a bracelet of binding. The next move shocked all remaining life in the area when the two daemon leapt into the sky and landed a 200 foot dive into the volcano, launching lava into the forest and near the Cabal. This is when they took their leave back to Cear.”

By the time the cabalists made it back to me. I was already “relaxed” in my downstairs study. I found a map you see….on the back plate of the shield…..when it fell. I found the general area on my globe south of Trinsic. Quite excited to see what was there. As I was quite excited to see my Cabalists had returned with minimal burns. The first thing I did was inquire of the Daemon encounter.

Needless to say I was not happy with losing Malphas to a war in a plane few cared about. But we had to press on. I told them of what I had found. The map, Trinsic, and an inscription on the back of the shield. It was a mixture of old languages. Runic and gargish mostly. But I used my scholarly abilities to produce an excellent misinterpretation . I told them It read “like a circle of eight, drop me”. I judged that it was best not to make sence of it and just head to the marked location.

With what I learned of Navigation in Montor we made it there flawlessly and uncovered the marked area with little wasted time.

Once we were at the location we found a circle of stones. It was a sort like eight. Give or give a few. So we did the smartest thing we could do. We dropped the shield and wondered what the hell was going on. we waited for a while. After a few minutes Avens horse took to the ground to have a nap and I began to question the Pleaders of Chaos.

There was a brief time when I was thinking of removing the Cabal from the area. There were homes nearby. Never a good thing to be seen together.


Just like that the shield was gone. No one could tell me why or how but it was. Then in the next instance a man appeared. Much like the one who found us at Blackthorns tomb. This one however. Did nothing but walk, drop and disappear.

He led us South about forty yards, to a circle of nine trees. I made a simple connection of this being related to Blackthorn and British, and blackthorn having nine virtues with Chaos and the British eight. Before I could think anymore the apparition stopped at the base of a tree and manifested a pickaxe. Then he was gone. Just like a ghost. I wonder if he was a ghost?

The most logical thing to do was dig there at the base of the tree. So I got Aven to do it. *smiles* after much digging and sifting thru the dirt we found a small moonstone with runes saying
Fantasmal wasn’t it. I love it when things work out perfectly. Alas naturally we had no clue what the blasted thing was for. Xandria mentioned to me of the Monk they have met in their independent studies of the Pleaders of Chaos. And It was decided to see if he had answers.

And let me tell you. I love informants. From experience leading the worlds future leaders, they are priceless. We headed to Papua under the darkest moon to 12o 39s 6o 49w.
I’ll have to admit at first I was rather disappointed. The exact location was at the dock and it was empty. But then, and not after long, we saw a light at the end of the tunnel, aye, there was hope! We could see just a few yards over a man huddled over the corpse of a loved one. He was NOT as happy as we were to see him. He was at his end indeed. Ready to give up his life. I think at first he thought we were enemies.

He had slew the murderer of his comrade and was rather tense. It took quite some time to calm him down. Eventually we made it back to the docks with the man and he told us of the rival sect of pleaders we had heard of. They sent one from Delucia to hire an ophidian assassin. It was a success. One down. We didn’t have much time to listen to the angry man so we told him of the token. He agreed to give us passage, whatever that meant. I mean really, we were in the blind almost all the time. ‘lucky we lived. Anyhow, there was a catch. We had to head towards the ophidian camp and capture the rival alive.

After about three miles we ran into the man in the desert. At first he was a bit frightened from the scorpions. We took them out after a few minutes of battle. I love scorpions. Anywho we all seemed to fall in line of dragothien at this point. We played the part so to say of the pleaders of Delucia, or at least people affiliated with them. I forget what we said but it was some sort of hilarious mess about how we need to get back to Papua. He fell for it.

What an ASS! Hahaahahah

I wish everything were this easy I tell you.
Eventually we had him standing on the docks questioning his years in school and whether it was his parents raising or not that led him back to this man. He did not look happy.
There was only one task left. Murder. Revenge and murder.

Oh and gathering wood. Which none of us minded. It was one hell of a campfire.

The man was ecstatic and we were promised our Passage. We obliged and got the hell out of there as soon as possible. In a few days we would return to get whatever the hell it was we were going to get.


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