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Rain of Blood, The Battle of the Lycaeum

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Honored Member

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:42 am Post subject: Rain of Blood, The Battle of the Lycaeum Reply with quote

As one the army of evil comprising of soldiers from Umbra, Dark Cove and the cult of Zog followed Ceinwyn’s generals into the Lycaeum. Though less in number than during the battle of Blackguard they were determined to see their second success. The lich lord Darrien Church stood beside the Magnate as the army surrounded them. A quiet whisper of wind passed through those assembled as the Magnate and lich turned their heads to gaze up at the alignment of the stars. The lion constellation shined as if the celestial heavens themselves blessed the event which was about to unravel.

“It is time” Darrien hissed as he clutched his staff. The Hand of Evil adorned Magnate only nodded. “The stars are aligned”

Orion led the pair into a library within the Lycaeum while the rest of the army began making preparations for defending the entrance should the Moonglow Town Council arrive. The sounds of necromancers, daemons and shadow wraiths reading their weapons, the human formed Tarothin and his offspring giving orders to the Dark Cove detachment.

“The power of the Lycaeum will fuel the Hand of Evil, just as Magincia has begun to. The magical energy here is enough to bring about the eternal darkness we promised” Isk stated as he took his position before the lich lord on the stand stone floor.

“As you say, Magnate” Darrien replied.

Suddenly the roar of beasts broke through the Lycaeum like a thunderclap. Outside the building the forces of the Moonglow Town Council rushed through a newly opened gate and engaged the surprised army of evil. Somehow they were aware, with dragons and rune beetles, militiamen poured through and attacked with shocking precision.

“The ritual!” Isk shouted. “Hurry!”

Not skipping a beat Darrien Church began chanting the incantation “He shalt break his silence and fall upon his usurpers – consuming all who deny him in fire and shadows. The Son of darkness shall walk forth he call them, from his Throne of Bone. And the…”

Sounds of spell fire, the smell of burning bodies began to seep into the building. The chaos of war was all encompassing. A rune beetle rushed the guardians at the door but was swiftly brought down. It was a sign that the Moonglow militia was drawing nearer. Above the Lycaeum clouds began to form.

“…Godson will speak aloud the names of those to be sacrificed, for their crimes are great in the eyes of his Father – and all those who hath wronged the Shadow wilt be dragged before him and made to drink the Shadows blood, and his blood shalt burn their blood…”

Isk turned his head to watch as one of the defenders at the door fell. The color blue was now visible between those closest to him. Hounds at the door. Outside the clouds turned red.

“Quickly Magnate, your hand!” Darrien shouted. Isk removed his gauntlets, obeying the lich lord’s command. He barely felt his hand pierced by Darrien’s blade.

His voice booming from behind a skeletal mandible Darrien continued “The world shalt be torn asunder, and the skies shalt be no more within the blackness, the last of the Virtues shalt be undone, e’en as the last of the Man Kings shalt fight only to fall.”

Within seconds the last of the black cloaked defenders were crushed beneath the advancing militia. The towering Beowulf lifted his hands readying spells to lay a killing blow upon the ritual. Darrien Church hastened the speed of his chant. Outside the building red clouds began to swirl as a funnel was forming above the Lycaeum.

“They will rule absolute with iron talons, they shalt rip-forth the hearts of all who draw breath and the full-score of all the worlds creatures shalt..”

“Nooo!” The Magnate shouted, red energy exploding from behind the Helm of Evil sending Isk’s mind into convulsions. Consumed by blue flame from Beowulf’s hand Isk fell and soon Darrien was made to join him. The ritual was over and with only one verse left before completion the thousand years of darkness was now temporarily delayed.

* * * * * *

Moments later as the forces of evil began to gather their things the battered Magnate glanced to the sky. A droplet of blood fell to splash off the eye hole of the Helm of Evil, some of it went in his eye but he did not blink for it was like a kiss from fate. An evil blessing. Within seconds the Lycaeum saw droplets of blood falling from the red clouds above.

It splashed against the sandstone, it splashed against hair, amour, faces and horses. Some in the vanquished army cupped their hands to collect it, some washed their faces with it, anointing themselves. Others began to wonder how the Moonglow Town Council was so prepared, not grasping the magnitude of this second black miracle. The Matriarch pointed fingers at possible betrayal and soon chaos filled the scene. There were those who saw the raining blood as a sign, those who saw it as an omen of dark things to come and those who still shocked from the loss they just experienced looked for people to blame.

When the moongate came the army of evil retreated back to Umbra where future plans were discussed.

“This will embolden Sanctus, Luna and our other enemies.” Isk stated, his black armoured feet having just touched Umbran soil. The lich lord and both Matriarchs nodded “Let them act” they said in unison. Merci which stood behind Ceinwyn asked “Can we perform this ritual again? Are the stars the same in Feluccia as they are in Trammel?”

Isk shook his head. “No” Ceinwyn replied “The stars are the same” She glanced at Isk and Darrien.

“The ritual can be performed again, when the stars are right” Darrien replied as he glanced back at Ceinwyn. He was silent for a moment before finishing his thought “We will research a suitable time”

“Meanwhile Magincia will continue to be drained to power the Hand of Evil” Isk chimed in. The Breastplate of Evil rose and fell as if it were a breathing thing. The ritual, which though not finished was not a complete failure. The rain of blood was a sign of some success.

“They may have stopped us tonight. But no one can stand against the inevitable” Merci said, to which all nodded.

Within moments Isk departed. The determination of the forces of Umbra, Dark Cove, Zog was now higher than ever and various paths were yet to be traveled. Would the forces of light muster an attack like hungry sharks seeking to devour the momentarily weakened darkbringers and dismantle the suit? Would the forces of evil aim for revenge? Perhaps seek an alternate source of magical energy to fuel the suit? Whichever path, Isk knew that the unavoidable outcome pointed to the victory of dark over light.
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Tay Thormear
Lore Master
Lore Master

Joined: 17 Jun 2004
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 1:32 am Post subject: Reply with quote

**Nearly A Month ago**

"It's agreed then? Your allies will sail past Moonglow in your upcoming endeavor?"

"Of course. You may dine with us after our victory, after I am complete." Isk's voice was deep.

"If you double cross us old friend, we will bring a much stronger force than Sanctus. We are not a force to be taken lightly." Fong spoke calmly, staring directly at Isk.

Fong and Beowulf sat worriedly at the head of the meeting table, located in the Moonglow Headquarters. They watched Isk and Walter leave the building. Both Captain and retired Mayor sat silent at the table.

"I don't trust him.." Beowulf spoke quietly, his eyes looking towards Fong.

"I'm in the same boat my friend. Is there any way we can keep an eye on him?"

"Safely? No. I suggest we hire someone and soon, to follow Isks actions. He can't be followed too closely, he'll sense something." Beowulf drummed his finger tips on the table top.

"I have someone.." Fongs head rose and looked towards Beowulf. "He can follow him from a distance, using the shadows."

"Let us hope for a lack of visits to Dark Cove and Umbra. People have been disappearing from Dark Cove by dozen lately. I'm not spending gold on a foolish spy." Beowulf sighed quietly.

**Present Time**

The soldiers of the Moonglow Town Council met at the Head Quarters, as they do every Sunday. It had been a few weeks since the Captain had actually trained the militia. The soldiers felt stiff and out of practice, but for some reason Beowulf insisted on a gathering.

Captain Beowulf stood tall and straight at the bottom of the stairs, leading into the Head Quarters. His fingers damp and cold, he seemed uneasy. His eyes peered over the militia that he himself commanded. Some exceptional soldiers, a large handful of new recruits to be trained, and a few of Moonglows Veterans were lined up.

"Men and women... It has come to my attention that we may be in danger." Beowulf spoke loudly for the entire militia to hear. In the back of his mind he knew something was wrong. Isk had not kept him nor Fong in on his plans like he had agreed.
"We must ready ourselves for any potential danger that can come to us. With the defeat of Castle Blackguard, it worry's me to say that the evil that Isk plans to bring.." his voiced trailed off as a pigeon spiraled downwards towards him.

The parchment had dropped into Beowulfs free hand. The writing was poorly scribbled, definitely not written by a scholar.

Isk, evil, brought to Moonglow. Lycaeum, now.

A commotion began to uprise in the line of soldiers. They had seen the panic form in their Captains eyes. They began to shift uneasy.

"Gather your mounts now. Arm yourselves. There is no time for training, there is no time for preparation. The time for battle is now."

He double crossed us, I can't believe he'd be foolish enough to come to our very Isle.

"Beast masters! You will order your pets on their strongest defenders! Warriors, you will dismantle their warriors! Mages, listen carefully for directions! Everyone in!" Beowulf waved everyone into the blue gate.

The militia poured out of the magical gate. Most of them in a room they had never seen before. Some of the recruits began to sweat uncontrollably. Sergeants began to make their way through the soldiers, making sure they were battle ready.

"We stand here, beneath the Lycaeum, a secret room to most. This is the time to prove your devotion to Verity Isle. This is the time to prove to me, that you will die for Moonglow and for it's beauty. We ride now into the most dangerous army formed in Sosaria!"

Beowulf was the first to ride his mount quickly up the sandstone stairs. The Moonglow Town Council exploded into the middle of the Lycaeum and charged head first towards the wall of dark robed soldiers. No questions asked, no interrogation, Beowulf could only hope Audrina wouldn't fall to his blow. The children were safe at home. Now however, the couple would take their loyality from each other and place it with their home cities.

Erickson, the spy, laid atop one of the buildings in the Lycaeum. He jumped up enthusiastically at the sight of the Moonglow soldiers. His message had been retrieved. Quickly he shot bolts towards the legs of enemy mounts, he could only hope there'd be more pay for his aid.

Out numbered, out trained, the Moonglow Town Council stood but little chance of victory. They pressed on however, listening to every command shouted by their Captain. The pets seemed to be working over time, the evil hordes had not anticipated such strong beasts. As the battle carried on it became clear that Moonglow had been the stronger army in the battle. The beast masters watched as their pets tore through the enemy hordes. Their lack of fighting skill kept them from training with the militia. To see their hard work and constant hours of training their pets, brought only joy to their eyes.

The color of blue had triumphed over dark inside the Lycaeum. Beowulf had crushed the finale of the ritual. Moonglow Soldiers began to line up in orderly fashion.

"What the..." Beowulf narrowed his eyes trying to see his goatee. A drop of blood had found it's way to his white hair. "This isn't mine.." His eyes peered upwards and watched as small drops of blood began to spit onto the ground. Unsure of what exactly was happening, he was quick to remove the militia from the scene.

Had the ritual been finished? Or was this the out come of its failure..
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Tarothin Armunn
Babbling Loony
Babbling Loony

Joined: 30 Dec 2003
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 8:21 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Tarothin was annoyed with a great number of things that night. Once again it was a reminder to what once was to what is now.

He hated the fact that their army was just but a very small shadow of it's former glory. An army that used to be able to crush almost any in it's path. Now only needing to rely on others. And ironically one of those they needed to rely on was lead by a former captain of his. He did find amusement towards that fact. It would only be right for one that was a part of the Dark Order to be strong enough to rule.

But they lost a pivital battle that night. He and his troops stood together outside with half of his allies as the other half went inside the library. Then Moonglow's army came. In the past he would have shrugged and just had the Dark Order defeat the foe. But now he burned with anger that not only did they need to rely on Umbra's force, but that they were all over the place, caught unprepared.

Perhaps it would have been best to have remained in Dark Cove until their force was strong once more so as not to have need of help. But now they are too deep within Isk's plans to pull out. He had to see it through and be there to observe if what Isk say's comes true.

For now he will just have to bide his time. For now their troops will need harder and more rigerous training.
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Imryrr Armunn D|O

Joined: 20 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 1:21 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Imryrr lifted her face up the sky and reveled in the blood drops from the sky. It told her all she needed to know. Though this battle was lost, the forces of Darkness were still winning the war.

She was anxious to seek her way back home. The air and the dark essence beckoned her. Why were they constantly finding themselves in such lands of easiness? Her hardened homeland was much more satisfying to her senses.
Imryrr would bring this to her father's attention as she knew he too felt the same.

Her father's voice gained the Dark Order's attention. Wounded, they took themselves into the magicked gateway to assemble in Umbra with the others. Orion and Lestat, the champions of the matriarchs had been the last ones she'd seen standing in the battle, other than her father. If only she could get her brethren to that height. The Dark Order had been glorious once, and it will be time, and with much training. It will surpass it's legendary history. She would see to that. And if the present look on her father's face were any indication, then he would see to it as well.


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