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The Cabal Claims Their Deamon (warning,gigapost)

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 5:18 pm Post subject: The Cabal Claims Their Deamon (warning,gigapost) Reply with quote


There are many creatures within the stygian abyss. There are goblins, gargoyles, imps, and many other creations of mondains. Some of which are yet to be recorded. The one of importance, this eve anyhow, is the Deamon. Somewhere, somewhere deep within the dark or red hot glow of the abyss is a Deamon with a name. Malphas.....

"Malphas Mammon!" *boomed the voice of the Time Lord*

The Deamon, hunched over a pile of mauled goblin looked over his houlder and lowered a wing to see around. As he stood around the Time Lords echos and approached the source the voice said,
"Halt! Listen!"
Following the command the Deamon let out a roar that sent every bat and beast running in the abyss. But only for a few moments, as the Time Lord froze the time and removed the space around his head, quelling his roar instantly.
Although the Deamon still couldnt see the Time Lord, his power was displayed in such a manner that the Deamon subsided and heeded his words. This is what he said.
"Malphas Mammon you are to be freed from the Abyss in wich you lie and sent to Felucca to aid a Cabal there in my stead. Their mission is important. To you, and I, and the many people of Sosaria.
They will come as close to you as they can, and shall summon thee by thy name. You are to be kind to them Malphas, and aid them in any way they ask, and in any way that you can. You will love your new home. That said keep them in the dark of what I tell you until I tell you to tell it to them....."
With that said the voice was gone and Malphas belted out with laughter at the news his freedom was near. There is much talk in the abyss. word and lore travles fast down here. Malphas knew he would surely earn favor amung the Cabal, and be treated well.
The Time Lord leaving his essance behind shifted his presance to blackrock, where a lovely sand castle was built

*literally after about an hour someone realized the answer was

When the answer was spoken the book found beneath the sand sank like a pebble in a puddle thru the sand, and within seconds another book came screaming thru the sky and landed right at their feet.
Cear knew it was the time fit everything the cabalists spoke of when the returned to him years ago with claims of time travel

The book was plain and simple this time. Go to Umbras dungeon, collect the bones needed and slay the bone daemon. And in return, gain the Daemons name. Easier done then said. The Cabal wasted no time getting in to the dungeon doom. aroused by the idea of what they were soon to gain the cabal flew thru the infinite lair of death and doom slaying all it could, even a few adventurers sadly clad in bone armor....Oh well, they have bones right? *HACK* *CRUNCH*
The Cabalists paid the nether-wench what she desired and she summoned the bone daemon. there was vicious and mindless battle for but a few minutes, but a cabalists with a goal is unstoppable. Call it lust, what have you, one thing is for sure tho. When the daemon fell into a pile of bones, and indescribable state of mind fell over the cabalists. Imagine sudden deafness, expectant eyeballing of your surroundings still cautious of attack, then unified cackling among the friends.......

Meanwhile, in the Stygian Abyss,
Malphas stood up abruptly, the indescribable feeling felt by the Cabalists was perfectly identified by Malphas. His worldly counterpart had been freed, he was proofed for escape.
As he flew thru the abyss blasting every creature below him out of the way the Cabal did the same. In two different planes the two parties dashed thru their perspective dungeons and ended up in the same place: An alter. The Cabalists read from the book the received from the bone daemon to summon Malphas while he waited in the abyss meditating.
There was much traveling in the minds of the Cabalists and the Daemon until eventually the two met face to face in their minds eye. And when they did Malphas let out a roar that sent the cabalists jumping back, snapped back in to reality where a massive Daemon stood before them

Just as the Daemon arrived the jealous dark fathers arrived to vent and then came Cear Dallbens first Order, "Malphas Mammon! Slay the Dark Father!"
And so it was done. There were the proper formalities exchanged between the two and knowledge of the Time Lord was refrained on both sides.

The Cabal had suffered much in trying to gain this Daemon, they wasted not more time in Doom, they now bailed to show Brother Mammon his new home in the Seas of Felucca.

Putting up a front of being angry at the Cabal, the grateful rescued Daemon demanded the Cabal make room for him in there settlement.
After brief examination Malphas pointed to the LShape next to Cears home.

" Excellent choice! Brother Daemon! Dragothien-"
Dragothien was the newest member of the Zog Cabal, interested in the cause he was picked up in Occlo working as an alchemist weapons expert.

"-Begin preparations for demolishing this poor fools property. Tell us what we need and so shall you have it."

And indeed, he did have it.


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Malphas Mammon

Joined: 12 Oct 2007
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Location: Blackrock, Isle of the Avatar

PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2007 2:14 am Post subject: Reply with quote

Enter Malphas Mammon a creation born at the hands of relvinian in 318 under Felucca. Since banished in secret to the Stygian Abyss by a council of Lord Brittish's Mages...

as newfound brother mammon stands on the shores of his new home, the unknown settlement, he stares into the night sky waiting for the voice that asured his freedom to arrive once again. First arrives the moon, then the sleepy fall, privacy comes, and then....

How does it feel Mammon?
..............My Lord?
Do not call me such, I am not.
..............They have told me of their encounters with you. You are much different in they're eyes. I hear tales of riddles and trickery?

*short booming laughter, then in all seriousness* Mammon there is a time needed until the end may come. We will aid these healers with what they need, and in time, they will work for it. Together we will make sure they are ready when theyre time comes. As for now, they are moving to fast. Give them this book malphas, and this statue. Ones origins are to be unclear. As glass is to be transparent, not translucent.

..............Origins, I under stand. I have made the structure as you said, it is a palce of study and sanctitiy. I thank you for my free will.

Thank Relvinian for that, you are one of the few the blessed with it.

...........There is much i do not know of my own Origins....will they be known?

In Time...

as if they both new no more was to be said, the voice left the sky and the daemon returned to the temple to rest.
*first page*

*second to last*


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