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Archived Forum Transcripts

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The Zog Cabal

Joined: 18 Jul 2007
Posts: 6
Location: Fire Island

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 12:19 am Post subject: Archived Forum Transcripts Reply with quote

Lets Do Something

Cear Dallben: anyone wanna do something? something cool?
im thinking making torens corpse walk blackrock forever

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn: read your ingame message board

Toren Smythe: Well, as far as Toren's corpse walking blackrock forever, you may not be far off. I'll be in touch. (This is Toren btw.)

Cear Dallben: Malorn i need you to kill people.

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn: are you back then?

Cear Dallben: may seem like I've been gone. but really I've been constructing an empire. oh and.. MERRY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn: Happy season to you too.

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Xandria: Alright, just so you all know, apparently those with 120 magery can cast Armageddon with blackrock.

I guess this means I am doomed? *grins*

Cear Dallben: The Cabal may have been the first to cast successfully in the RP world thanks to the help of Asher. i dont know how or if we will tie this in to RP. we may need to do it again. We will be meeting after vacation is over

Mithaniel: The cliloc code file doesn't have anything for SUCCESSFULLY giving the wisp 'a dense source of knowledge' (which in the old Ultimas, you could give it a book and it was happy).

I am sure something will be activated sooner or later. I'll rely on Uhall for those that know the cliloc codefile inside out to paste something after a patch.

Cear Dallben: Lets hope one of us comes across a real book of truth!

Toren Smythe: Agreed.

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Expanding the Settlement

Cear Dallben: Everyone begin cheering and stuff. There is now a chest just inside brother olans home. place the gorget inside and the house is ours! congratulations to Toren. I will continue to seek to have that L shape destroyed so someone else can move in. blah blah blah. post any ideas or tip

Savhanna: *sends the placement gods to shine on you* Congrats on the expansion. And good luck with more.

Toren Smythe: Muhahaha, The time is at hand!!!

Cear Dallben: *eyes the palms of his hands*


Xandria: On the L shape house, you need to find your stratics account name and password, and then post on Uhall! *mutters, cause she can't find hers*

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Alliance Meetings

Cear Dallben: A some of you know we aid our neighbors in return for future protection. That is not the extent however as they are mostly old friends. Starting now the alliance will have open guild meetings on MONDAY NIGHTS. the time is being disputed now and will be posted later. Heads up.

Toren Smythe: Thanks buddy. I'll free some time.

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New Members


now welcome them with loving arms and demand they learn all of the zog cabal history and lore by morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

welcome guys you'll love it here!

Toren Smythe: Indubitably. There is nothing so great as the Zog Cabal! And there is nothing so interesting as our history (The exception maybe, our future) So get crackin' in gettin' learnin'. Muahaha.

Ronefaer: As a new member, this guild is definitely fun, and I like my experiences in it so far

Cear Dallben: yes yes yes. please welcome Ronefaer, even tho I already know you have. he roleplays a gargoyle which defiantly aids the cabals stand to amass all races to the cause of aiding the planet.


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Event Tomorrow

Cear Dallben: Alright you damnedable souls. Tomorrow Thursday at 11PM EST will be the nest cabalist event. i have it all written out i just hope i can find game mechanics to work it up. Meet at the roof of the Blackrock Keep. bring a powerscroll you dont want if you can. see you then

Cear Dallben: i mean monday.......

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Cear Dallben: as you may know im jobless and poor. i know ive been away alot but i assure you when im employed there will be little stopping my from filling you minds and lives with utter joy. The next thing well be doing is securing our right to Lenmir. Next event will be the death of Sothen the Callus

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn: *shakes a fist* ARR!

Hope you are able to find employment again soon, Seer. As always, we shall wait for you.

Toren: *Nods* he should be a Seer

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RP Request Discussions

Cear Dallben:Well? What do you think? Are you having fun in the Cabal? How are the quests? Feel free to discuss ongoing Cabal plots here. Also, if you have another char, or a friend you would like to join the cabal. you can request that he/she/it be initiated thru RP and we will do our best to develop a badass way to get him in thru IG plot or short quest.

Lay it on me.

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn: The Zog Cabal totally rocks! My only regret is that I can't devote as much time as I would like to it, being that I head Umbra.

Cear Dallben is awesomely insane and insanely awesome. He is my inspiration for many things, and definitely motivation for some of the others.

Every quest or event he has run has been overwhelmingly marvelous. He never fails to surprise me. The roleplay with him and participation in his quests is always and has always been the best Atlantic has to offer, ever.

My only problem with Cear is that he has a damn IRL, lol, and isn't ingame as much as we would all love him to be.

Cear Dallben is my role model, in a way.

edit- and if they ever return the SEER program, we're totally doing that, dude.

Toren Smythe: He is truly the epitome of awesome, our great and fearless leader. And I would do anything to drag him to our end a bit more. Reading back on all that history has only reminded me of that. I'm glad those days are coming back.

His quests (no offence cein, cause your are bad ass too)are without parallel and his devotion to the Cabal is moving. I've had two great guild leaders, and they are both right here in this thread. So keep doing what you're doing guys.

I've never had so much fun as when rping with Cear and I don't think I've ever met a better role player or generally imaginative person. You are without parallel, brother, and I commend you.

Xandria: I love you all, really, but this is becoming sickeningly sweet.

*grins at everyone*

Truly disgusting. You are evil! Stop it!

Cear Dallben: Ceinwyn, Toren, Xandria, all of you. My heart is yours. And this game is ours. We must while we can preserve the only utopia we will ever know and use it to fuel good emotions. The ones we all get.

Like when your in the hedge maze crouched with sword in hand staring at a deamon on the other side of the draw-gate. and as the gate rises slowly the deamon eyes you and moves in. its already in motion, no closing the door now.....the fight for your life is about to begin.

Its stuff just like that. that's one of the things that happened to me in ultima that brought me to roleplay. It gave me an emotion. one i seek to replicate as much as possible.

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn, there is absolutely no doubt we shall rule as Seers. Finally i can become Seer Dallben. mwuahaha. I was so sad you weren't there last night. However you are beginning to pull some great Quests and RP out and you got the people to back it up. Keep Umbra alive the cabal will need them. well all do our part here. but im posting the link to the quest right now check it out. after toren gave us the pass out scare and returned we had to start. but don't worry ill only be here more often. Especially when i beat final fantasy 12. So many more quests are to come. I just hope Ultima remains on our side. Lets get up tonight and rule this world.

This is my former guilds site. Tell me... Where did we fail?

Ceinwyn ab'Arawn: it was when you quit. *nod*

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