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The Cabal and Saint Gobain

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2006 7:33 pm Post subject: The Cabal and Saint Gobain Reply with quote

Now it was only but a few months since the cabal had been in the outter realm. The strange place in space where they encountered a branch of Xorinia.....a special wisp who took that exact time to speak to the cabal. They had been enlightened. they had been told. Another sought the spell.

If another was to seek the spell, Cear thought sure they would be fruitless. For now as in years past the Cabal had been the only order commissioned by the wisp to carry out the planets final days. And end them with a final spell.

It diddnt take an insane man to figure out what the wisp meant by "another seeks the spell" once the Ophidians began scouring the twin worlds. They wasted no time. Almost imidiatly the cabal began their investigation. After mass slayings and a few iterrogations they found what they needed. It seemed the Ophidians were seeking many a thing. The spell was one of them. to use it or to impose fear was their goal. Fear the more probable. After tracing the Ophids from Paupa to their lair a map was found.

The map showed a single point. an X near the northern beach of magicinia. It was somewhat near where the sand met the jungle. A tornado of emotions funneled down on Cear. His thoughts were bought up intot he vacume of this rushing feeling and suddenly it was all composed.


Several years ago once the cabal was bannished unknowingly into the realm of the twin worlds, a vass array of chests containing blackrock where hidden in various places within. Once martoo and the others were taken to yew. the guards under Brittish's command because turning up the chests slowly but ever so surely. One however was never overturned. Either because it wasnt found. or it was found by another first. Either way. to cast the spell they would need the ancient Rock. So they gave it a shot and set out to magicinia with pick in hand the very next day.

Useing the land marks of the cultural center, beach, and shop; the cabal was able to find the exact location on the map. It was indeed where the jungle met the beach, and the area looked like crushed up rocks that had been resealed by weathering and weak magics. After kindly asking aven to stop playing queen of the hill and shoo the guards, the insane driving poundings of cears pickaxe broke way at the rocks. Using the back end of the mattok to brush away the ore and dirt a locked journal was retreived. Once inside the Cabal was stunned. A man named saint had beat them to the chest. And he had the nerve to say he would be the one to judge them, and wether or not they could have what they seek. They were to set out to the Shrine of Chaos, in the volcanic ruins of Montor. The only variable, time. The cabal must make it there for the witching hour.

Imidiatly a gate was manifested before them and they set out to another gate to take them to Cear's homeworld, Ilshenar. Cear stepped thru and eyed the time trinket in his robe pouch. It was 11, the Cabal must hurry. It was unfortunate that the Cabal has to hurry, as the gate to Montor was swarming with vile creatures fused with stone The cabal mashed into the rock forces with haste and caution. Cear swung his pickaxe the break down some of their body parts as they passed thru. Moments outside the shrine of Chaos stood an obviously furious beast.
.....Why wasnt he guarding the decent to the abyss? No more time to think. Only enought to act together and take the haggared creature back to the underworld for then.

The beast fell at exactly 12' night. The witching hour. The Cabal entered the shrine of bal to see a man wearing a human skull patting a drum softly, as if tithing his music to the ank. He turned slowly to face them and one of the cabalist spoke his name. It was he, his name was Saint. Saint Gobain. After confirming they were the cabal, and it did not take much, Saint explained: He was a loner. He was always interested in the cabal. where ever they were in his younge years. he was off in the woods near by. What they were learning. he was learning. If you think about it he was a perfect fail safe. If anything went wrong. he would know what to do. where it was. and how to do it. Best of all. no one would know who he was. or who he was with..... Saint explained a bit more and presented them the chest. Inside? Blackrock. But this was not all. He could be a lone dark paladin no more. He knew what was going on. he had seen it all before. Time to join the cabal. But how could he earn they trust and respect even more? Simple......MORE BLACKROCK!

Around the same time a dark group of scholars was forming in montor. another group had been formed to study blackrock in its entirety. Saint had been following them since the Cabal was bannished from Ilshenar thru the gate of Justice. It was all he had left to do in relation to his passion. He was goign to lead, and lead he did. He brought the cabal deep into an underground lair. Vast tunnles, moist air, and strange creatures later, Saint stoped at a closed of section of the lair. The cabal burst in to the quarters in unison gazing around at the set up, noting the amount of persons and items. Lab equipment, chests, furniture. and 4 persons. Cear asked who they were. they said they were the Seekers of the Reagent. Good honest scholars. One was a rather old lady. She began to explain a few details. then inquired about the strange individuals who rushed into their lair. Instead of explaining, Cear and Saint steped forward. Cear put hands on eitherside of his skull and brought it straight up over his face and held it out to them

The Skull of Miron Vehl! he shouted

Saint did the exact same,

The Skull of Zendella Kxriss! he shouted

Here to Devour YOUR Structure!

The Old lady cringed and her eyes shut tight as she grabed the large ank that hung on her neck. Cackles and Chaos where all she heared for the next few moments. Before she knew it thoes around her were dead and soon she was to be. For a moment chaos harmonized with the drumming of Saint Gobain. and thoes who aimed to keep the rock from the casters fell to eternal rest. Cear ordered the cabal to loot all they could. and bring it to the keep in blackrock. The others recalled away and cear stayed behind for a short moment, to burn the entire place down.

Back at the Keep various Notes books and provisions were recovered and placed somewhere fitting in Blackrock. Cear had all of the lab equipment moved to the second floor to match with his. But the main prize. a Chest full of Blackrock. Saint Gobain and Cear discussed what could be dont with this ammount. Obviousness decided the matter quite fast. The Alter must be built. With this Gobain dissapeared with out warning....patting his drum softly. The rest of the night was spent copeing with what had happened. food drink and discussion echoes for hours. until each fell asleep where they were around the table.

Time Runs Its Course, History Repeats,
The Earth Prespires The Anceint Rock
And The Cabal Leads The Way To the Next Age.

Paintings of the Saint Gobain Quest

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