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Alignment Ideas

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Teh Glouris Lrod Kujabis
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Transcendent Spammer

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 11:34 am Post subject: Alignment Ideas Reply with quote

This was taken directly from another post, so there are fragments of rant, but you get the idea.


I want everyone to consider the D&D alignment chart a moment:

Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral
Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

Lawful Good – The “Crusader”

Lawful good combines compassion and honor and represents the most virtuous alignment one can select.  It is the mandatory alignment for those wishing to follow the way of the Paladin.  It represents a commitment to oppose evil, and the discipline to fight relentlessly. A lawful good character keeps her word and helps all those in need.

Neutral Good – The “Benefactor”

A neutral good person is all about helping others, doing the best that a good person can do.  It represents doing good deeds for others with no bias for good or evil, nor any expectations of reward.

Chaotic Good – The “Rebel”

A chaotic good person acts as his conscience directs him, regardless of what others might expect. The chaotic good follows his own convictions and moral standings even if they do not agree with those of the society around him.  This alignment combines a good heart with a free spirit.

Lawful Neutral – The “Judge”

The lawful neutral character acts as law and tradition dictate, and lives by those codes, be they actual laws or a personal code she believes in. She follows strong standards and codes and believes in order for all, or backing a strong and organized governmental structure.  Lawful neutral combines reliability and honor without implying being a zealot.

 Neutral – “Undecided”

If it seems like a good idea, then to a neutral person, it probably is.  He has no real feelings either one way or another, and he often shows a lack of convictions.  He often views good as better than evil, though he is not committed in any way to upholding good.  Neutral characters act naturally with no compulsions or prejudice.

Chaotic Neutral – the “Free Spirit”

A chaotic neutral person follows her whims.  She values personal liberties and freedoms, but doesn’t take pains to protect those rights for others. Avoiding authority or restrictions, and challenging traditions is her hallmark.  While unpredictable, her behavior isn’t totally random--she’s still more likely to cross a bridge than jump off it.  Being chaotic neutral represents true freedom from society’s restrictions without a do-gooder’s zeal.

Lawful Evil – the “Dominator”

A lawful evil person is methodical in their actions, bound by her own code of conduct, without thought or compulsion for the wellbeing of anyone around her.  She cares not about the hurt she may cause, nor about the freedoms or dignities of those about her.  She does care about, and is bound by, traditions, loyalty and order.  Lawful evil alignment represents methodical, intentional and successful acts of evil toward others.

Neutral Evil – the “Malefactor”

A neutral evil villain does what ever he can to get away with his treachery.  Out for himself, he sheds no tears and loses no sleep over actions that may result in the death of others, as long as he profits by the deed. He shows no love for order. He represents evil without honor and without variation

Chaotic Evil – the “Destroyer”

A chaotic evil person does what ever her greed, hatred or lust for destruction drives her to do. Violent, hot-tempered, vicious and very unpredictable, she is simply out for herself and what ever she can get, and she has no compulsions about doing so in a brutal and ruthless manner.  This alignment represents the destruction of life, beauty and order.

Just read them over. Think. Variation.

Also realise that Chaotic evil can be anything from a destructive lich down to a murderous rapist. There are variations and degrees of all of the nine. Be creative, and above all, BE ORIGINAL, without being rediculous.
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