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A First Step Toward Peace

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Lady Mal

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PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 9:56 am Post subject: A First Step Toward Peace Reply with quote

The Fellowship met at Vale Town Hall and then travelled to Magnicia to present a token of appreciation to the Magnate and the Patrona. They had been generous to allow The Fellowship the use of their established libraries. One of the fundemental keystones of The Fellowship is the sharing of knowledge with all, so this was to them an especially generous gift.

After receiving the gift, Magnate Isk mentioned that he had been meaning to seek Mal out. Mal, being eager to help the Magnate, inquired the nature of the problem. Lord Isk told her that the head of the Phoenix, William, had been arrested, tonight. He was being held in jail, until his court date. Turning to her fellow Followers, she expressed to them the importance of seeing the warmonger William. He looked no different than anyone else, and that was important. A warful individual may often blend in or travel under the guise of a peace-loving citizen. They summoned a gate to the jail and stepped into it.

It appeared a crowd was gathered at the jail. Whether they were curious on-lookers or guards, Mal could not tell. She focused on the criminal.

*He must die*

Yes, milord, he is an enemy of Peace

She turned to tell her fellows what the captured criminal had done. Murdering a whole town of rangers does not go unnoticed, especially in broad daylight, as this William had done. Evidence of The Phoenix was to be seen everywhere. Mal was surprised the channel between Skara and the mainland hadn't tinted pink from the blood. So many women and children were now left on their own to work hard just to survive. William had come to town looking for a seat of power. This was the price everyone else had to pay for it.

A man named Hugh Kinley stepped forward, stating he was to be the lawyer. The beast didn't even deserve a fair trial, he had already given a public speech admitting that he had committed the crimes. Now, they seemed to be saying that he had only admitted to the deeds to appease the town. What did that matter? He had still admitted and he was also still guilty.

Mal had to wonder what kind of man defended a monster such as William. She kept studying Hugh while they stood there. Maybe he was an enemy of peace as well.

*Remember the Triad, Strive for Unity. If one is not for us, they are against us*

Strive for Unity, yes

It would be wise to keep a close eye on this Hugh, just in case. Maybe dig into his past.

Isk suggested that maybe Mal should petition the Regent to be the prosecuting lawyer at the trial. Mal decided that she would. There were many whispers here that Hugh had never lost a trial.

So, the man is more concerned with winning, no matter what, than actually seeing Justice done and Peace preserved. He will indeed need watching, after this trial

She turned to her brothers and sisters and opened a gate. They poured inside, determined to see peace prevail.

One way or the other, William would be punished for his deeds.
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