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The Cabal Goes to Space

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Sun May 14, 2006 11:13 pm Post subject: The Cabal Goes to Space Reply with quote

Cear waited patiently at the Hostel for the members of the Cabal to arrive. Xandria was there already, speaking with members of the ministry in the far corner. Cear warmed his bones beside the fire.

At time went on, and believe me times goes on, Cear found himself outside the Hostel with Xandria. Gates were opened spells were cast and in moments Cear was surrounded once more by 4 beautiful women.

Where is Narcsissa?

Before anyone could answer a high pitched voice shouting insults accompanied by fluttering wings rushed arond the corner. She was being had at. Xandria and the other girls lead a swift and deadly barrage of firey magicks to take down the winged one. and the final explotion to take the beast down threw Narcissa to the gound.

Now that were all here, let us leave here!
Cear had been waiting weeks to get the Cabalists together for another excursion tot he Wisp lair, for its secrets are infinate.
To honesty!

Apon arrival to the lair Cear directed the Cabal and one lone follower to the armory they had build duing his resideny there years back, before Brittania was "discovered".

Now come feel this draft here from behind the wall. there is a room back here. But nothing we can do from here will open it, atleast it seems weve tried it all.
The last thing Cear could think of was to slay the deamon lord occupying the basment of the lair. His hope lied in that the lord held some kind of domain over the tainted basment. The Balron, swaying in its heavy march to the Cabal flung its otherwise usless minions at them.

Fire, Ice, Energy and Chaos

The Balorn was slain. To the Grey Alter! the Cabal rushed to the porter, appearing back at the entrance to the basement. Haste was made to the armoury only to unveil their failure. Ill begin devising plan D

The Cabal gathered back in the first floor of their lair, on the walk out Cear stoped at an intersection and turned back to the somewhat dissapointed. Alright then, thisaway, no time to waste. Down the halls, left right left. At this point everything was stop and stare. The Cabal stood next to a red wisp icon. Cear walked up as the others aproached in awe. It was like they all knew what He was thinking, and they all gathered in a circle around the Icon. Cear placed his hands on the Wisp and asked for the wisp to grant to them manifestations of their cause and purpose. The air around them seemed to crackle and fall on them with weight as they found them selves stranded and consealed in space. where they could not tell, sosaria was out of sight...possibly and all that could be seen was the infinate sky art they admired from the familar realms.
Could it be? Where are we? Death? Xorinia......

The bunch of them pressed on thru the strange path the ancient beings set before them. It wasnt long until the entirety of the Cabal stood before one simple manifestation of Xorinia who, greeted them.

Grvvtvngs Mvrtvl! Cear was paralized, shocked and dumbfounded. For it was known that the Wisp could speak to us if they wished, but it is shall we say, a rarity. Cear was student of Arwan a Cabal elder who taught him all he knew of their language. But it was easy with a willing wisp. The Cabal were tested of their knowledge of the worlds they had encountered. Some points where ruff but the Cabal as one at that time had all the answers the entity desired. Eventually They were asked to speak in Wispish tounge. And thru this method of converse the Wisp unveiled to the Cabal, that there were others out there, searching for what they wished to obtain. The Scroll of Armegeddon was under seige by another. Who was it. Where are they centered.....any question then was fitting. but soon the Being ran speechless. There was nothing mroe to say really. The Cabal was told their purpose, sanctioned by Xorinia was being tampered with. And something must be done. Sooner or Never.

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