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Final Task

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Joined: 02 Sep 2004
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 4:18 pm Post subject: Final Task Reply with quote

Jode entered the temple, exhausted, but with a smile upon his face. Looking towards the altar, he made his final steps as a slave kneeled down before its unholy power. All the eager, and with permission, he began to take off his robe, and held it up to the alter to offer it up to its power. Then, feeling the time right, he dug into his pack and brought out a book, but then winced. This task was too great, too important for the usual handbook, and Jode again dug into his pack until he found a suitable larger book to write within for his final slave journal entry.

I remember it vividly, as I approached the very dark hill itself. Darkness shrouded the hilltop, yet my task was down below within the burrow of it. From within, I found myself surrounded by the worst of challenges yet...

The Labyrinth of Charnel Hill.

From within, I struggled to hold what hope I could in its walls, but only to have it drained from my mind. As I moved through, I had realized that Oblivion itself ran through the very halls of the hill, and with that I changed my hope to pure will and determination. Using that, I knew, could be the secret to solving this puzzle.

In but a few minutes, I did just that, and from my new mental state I was able to reach the center of Charnel Hill, from which there I was advised that the labyrinth was merely a trial to be able to accept the fifth and final task for myself.

My task was to head out towards the wisp ruins, within the lands of Ishlenaar, and behead the man known as Steel Skye. I was all too clearly not underestimate him, and that warning was indeed taken to heart.

Steel Skye, so my counterpart would say, is but a shell of what a true man he once was. Chaos had been ingrained into his mind, which had only brought about to him great power, but insanity as well. Lord Nathan asked of a side favor from myself as well, and that was to take vials fo Steel's blood from his body and collect up to four of them for his own personal ends.

I didn't see why not.

Having finished the briefing with both lords, I set out on my way to find Steel Skye and finish whatever they had started. Before long, I was there upon the very gate of the wisp palace itself, and as I entered I could definitely tell that something had entered here that did not belong. The once calm and quiet halls of the wisp palace now felt distorted now, as if something passed by its tranquil order, as if its bane, Chaos, had passed through itself.

Oblivion though, found entry quiet easily, and I pushed myself forward in search of the man. As I searched deeper and deeper into the halls, I found traces of chaotic auras abroad, and knew sure enough that my enemy had passed through. His tracks lead me deep enough to the point, to the stairway of the dungeon it was designed to seal through the wisp's magics.

Holding out my weapon, the mages and mage lords that had been waiting for me were but mere playthings, simple slaughter in the path before me. With only basic tatics, I massacred all of their ranks along my trail, and soon enough came to another stairway.

As I descended below, I could feel the chaotic energies soar through the tiles, which surely indicated that the Cabal had only treaded through here recently, or more important, Steel had treaded through here. The further I went down, the old my surroundings became, and before I knew i tI had reached the most ancient of places within all of Ishlenaar. Only dim torches illuminated the fearsome dark path, but fear was something not known to servants of Oblivion.

Thus, I held no fear.

I came before the runic maze, that which seemed to be meant for sealing as well, though I had faced a trial earlier that made this ancient and complex puzzle seem crude and simple. As I made my final steps, I came into a room from which there were four pillars to the side of me, and in the distance was a man standing within the center of a square.

It was Steel.

I approached only to later notice his subordinates whispering to each other in the shadows, watching me, waiting to strike, though something kept them at bay. Whatever it was, it did not matter, for my objective was but before my eyes. Coming to stop, we exchanged a few provocative words to each other.

When will this world forget of that fool Dan? Its is such an annoyance, and I fail to see what gives him such common recognition, that what would also give him such respect and common knowledge to those of complete strangers to I, Jode Bonewits.

After a short conversation, unimportant and meaningless, we crossed blades! It was all very fast, and Steel did indeed move as no mortal could. However, I had his rival on my side, for my counterpart once again seemed to be assisting me by very openly sharing what experience and tactical knowledge he knew of Steel to me.

An unexpected asset.

Despite it though, Steel still proved to be the best, and from all the slashes and lashes out upon one another with more than just our weapons, our very souls, were my wounds cut too deep. I came to the point where I had fallen to one knee before him. Had Oblivion failed me?

No, it had not, for it would be my very insurance for completing this task successfully. Any of those who follow the path of Oblivion would be only held within the netherworld, where they would be held there only to be brought back to finish its will. Oblivion is death itself.

Still kneeling down before him, he seemed all the more smug over his own skills, but little did he know that I and Dan were studying him, surely hoping to find a weakpoint from which we could exploit.

And then we found it...

Through a swift array of movements and parrys, we had sprang back up to our feet and launched ourselves upon our opponent with newfound strength, and in but a matter of minutes the great Steel himself had been brought down! As he lay, his blood sprang up from his wounds and flowed out around him.

Though by then, his subordinates slowly crept around, coming closer to the scene as I mustered what power I could bring about to gather his blood into Nathan's vials. It was done, but not soon enough, as one of his minions brought about a kryss to my backside.

My body failed me, and as blood rushed through my eyes I staggered to move as I could, then fell shortly to the ground, defeated, but not destroyed.

Oblivion soon after, surged through my own right hand, and the channel in my arm glowed the its black glow once again, full of will to get back up, to finish the task. With that power alone, I opened my eyes once more.

It would have seemed I had been out for a few minutes, with none fo them looking towards me. Kryss still in my back, I rose to a complete stand and gripped my fork once more with a renewed will. With a simple glance around my shoulder, and a short strategic calculation of how I would have it one, I quickly rushed sidelong through the small crowd around Steel performed my deed. With a swift swoop of the fork, I slashed off Steel's neck, and with my spare hand I slammed the firebomb potion given to me from Abominox onto Steel's corpse.

It did not break though, and as I silently cursed myself I scooped up Steel's lost head and turned to face the shocked crowd. All in awe, I lowered to a kneel and brought about all my focus to pull out the kryss that still stuck within my backside, slowly pulling it out as my own blood flooded into my robe. As they started at me, I thrusted the kryss at the firebomb, and again scooped up Steels head with a dash out of the complex, flames following.

Task Complete.

With a smile, then a grimace, Jode turned around his shoulder to glance at a figure in the doorway. Though he could not make out who it was, the humanoid left quite quickly after seeing him as he was. Jode only figured it would be Doireann, and with a grin he placed the journal upon his robe and moved his spare hand on the new scar upon his backside.

"Cear beat you to it, woman."
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Cear Dallben ZOG

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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Location: Blackrock, Isle of the Avatar

PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2006 10:49 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

What the hell.......

Cear was laying head to head with his steed on his back, slowly trotting away from Charnel Hill....just stareing at the sky. Cear Dallben was overwhelmed to say the absolute least. He was not overwhelmed with the pain he had just recived from his new slave friend and Abominox. Just with life.

He looks away from the sky to the head of his old friend

And to think i could have just died a year ago..

Cear looked back from his out stretched arms holding the head to the sky, watching clouds pass with life and death as his horse moved on autopilot, knowing just were to go.

This is all such rubbish. Toren, Steel. I cant count on anyone. The realities of this world are of too many

They all seem to catch up to Cear at once.

and he looks to Steels head

All i can count on is myself. I know what i can do. and after my experience in the Underworld....what knows of my life!

There was much thinking to be done Cear knew what he should do.
Just as he knew he rolls his head down beside that of his steed to see himself before his boat, The Pride of Montor. He smiles and reached to pet his Steed of Xorinia

A boat ride

U6Online|| Welcome to Blackrock||Sunrise, Isle of the Avatar||Automatic Roleplay
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