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A new path

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Drayden Calamyr

Joined: 23 Feb 2005
Posts: 609

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:05 pm Post subject: A new path Reply with quote

He returned in the waning hours of the evening. The chilly air caused him to breathe a faint cloud of steam. Drayden stepped off his ship, in front of his home just as the first rays of morning sun were peaking over the horizon. For once, he actually felt at rest. The burdens he once carried upon his mind were gone now. He could truly live life as he had wanted to before. All he needed now was his lover to hold and kiss.

Drayden missed her terribly. Ever since he had returned he could think of nothing more he wanted then to be beside Alessandra again. She had seemingly vanished since his retreat. But he would seek her out and find her once more. As he stepped inside his home, he murmured a few words to set the magical fires alight. Wandering up stairs, he sat at his desk and pulled a piece of parchment.

Dearest Alessandra,
Where has the time gone? Though we may have been separated by time, I know our hearts yearn for one another. Much has transpired since my retreat and there is even more I wish to say to you. It would warm my heart to see you this evening for dinner. I must have you back in my life my dearest love. You are the only one that I yearn for and I long to feel your gentle caresses upon me again.

All of my love,

He looked the letter over to make sure he had said all he wished to and smiled softly. This letter he would deliver personally. Murmuring the words of recall he vanished and immediately appeared on the doorsteps of his lover's home. He quietly tucked the letter in the door and returned home. Hoping to hear or see Alessandra was time to make a change for the better...
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Babbling Loony
Babbling Loony

Joined: 30 Dec 2003
Posts: 2650

PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:14 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Alessandra returned home from a day of relaxing in the Unicorn Grove in Ilshenar and was not terribly surprised to find a letter waiting for her on her desk. The handwriting, however, did surprise her. So he had returned... she sighed softly as she opened the letter and read the words...

She read the letter and it brought tears to her eyes. How many times would her heart be broken? She wanted to believe the words here on the paper, but so many times she had opened her heart only to have the person she loved leave. There had been Tiggareus, the man to first capture her heart. When she had finally realized she loved him, he was gone. She had not seen nor heard from him since his departure. Then there had been Drayden. Twice he had made promises and twice he had left her heart yearning and aching. There had been Evoroth. How she had wanted to love him, but he would always pull away from her to the point she decided he had not really loved her.

She pulled a piece of parchment from a stack and began writing...

Dear Drayden,

I am relieved to hear that you have returned safely. Much has happened during your time away. I would very much like to see you this evening. I shall be in Nujel'm this evening at eight in the evening. There is a very nice inn and the food there is very good. If it would please thee, I shall let the cook she will have two there for dinner.

With love,

She sealed the letter and recalled to Drayden's home and left the note on the table just inside the door. The faint smell of tabacco made her smile knowing he was home again... She recalled back to Nujel'm and began making plans.
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