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Surprises (part one)

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Mallory Ventrue
Lore Master
Lore Master

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 1:28 pm Post subject: Surprises (part one) Reply with quote

Mallory sat at the table in her room, listening to the waves gently crash against the shore. She was trying to work on her speech for the upcoming Sanctus mayoral elections, but her mind kept getting pulled away by the recent events. Smiticles had sent her a note letting her know he was not going to be able to make it to the party, but insisted she go and let him know who this mysterious person was. She was sorry that he was not going to be there. She had tried to guess who it possibly could be that would send such a mysterious invitation, but no one really stood out as someone that would do such a thing.

Mallory went to Luna to pick up the new dress she had ordered for the evening. She wanted something special to wear, and when she had seen this cloth in the tailor shop, she knew it would be perfect. The cloth was the softest she had ever felt, and the color was one that she had never seen before. She hoped that it would be suitable for such a night. She changed into the dress and the tailor chuckled as Mallory turned to and fro in front of the mirror, fawning over the dress. He pulled out a matching hat and placed it gently on her head with a smile. The outfit was perfect. Mallory paid him and left for Sanctus to wait for Smiticles.

When she arrived in Sanctus she was met by the young prince as he was playing in the streets. He asked her why she wasn’t wearing her normal uniform, and she told him that she was attending a party. He nodded and went off chasing one of his uncles. It was then the messenger brought her the note from Smiticles. He had tried to find her at her home, and was told she was in Luna and when she wasn’t found there, he decided to try in Sanctus. Mallory was relieved that Smiticles was okay, and while disappointed they would not be together this evening, she understood that sometimes there are things they would never have control over. She thanked the messenger and sent him inside the hostel for a meal and rest. She wondered if she should not take an escort, just to be safe, but decided against it.

Mallory made her way to the village of Riverrun and as she arrived she noticed lights making a path to one of the houses. She had seen some of the construction going on when she came to check on Smiticles, but had never seen the owner. Her curiosity was peaked as she made her way up the path. The flowers in front of the house were beautiful, and she wondered if the owner of this house was a gardener such as herself. She was not paying attention and almost walked right into Nicodemus and Claudette, who were talking to the host. Mallory tilted her head to get a better look in the light of the torches and the moonlight and her eyes widened. It was Brianha!
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