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Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Seasoned Veteran
Seasoned Veteran

Joined: 22 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2006 12:28 am Post subject: Something Wicked This Way Comes Reply with quote

Looking down at her left hand, Xandria begin to twirl her wedding ring around. The feeling of utter betrayal kept her from moving away from the window. How could he? she thought. Lifting her head, she noticed the ice hitting the window, as if trying to break through. How could he?

Looking back down at her hand, she frowned. The diamonds sparkled back at her, mocking her in their brilliance. She turned the ring again, hoping to not be reminded of her pain. Her mind kept repeating the same phrase: How could he? Feeling the tears run down her cheeks, she raised her left hand to brush away the tear. Feeling the diamond scratch her, she held back a sob, and looked at her hand. It was winking at her, as if trying to tell her something. Glaring at the ring, she yanked it off.

No more, she decided, and marched outside into the blistering storm. It ends here. Bracing herself, Xandria stared at the ring in her hand, the last vestige of any emotional ties. Clenching her fist, she threw the ring, watching it disappear into the blinding white. No more “pretending to behave”. This time, we are doing things my way. Narrowing her eyes, she knew she had to prepare.

Running into the library, she pushed against the wall, revealing another room. The skulls on the floor grinned at her, encouraging her. Moving a stone on the floor, Xandria reached down, staring at a book. She reached in, slowly lifting it, looking in trepidation at the cover. Brushing her hand over the front of the book to wipe off the dust, she stared at the runes on the book: Diaboli Magus. Staring at the book, she began to smile to herself. Holding the book close to her chest, she went outside into the storm to search for the one person who could teach her to understand her true heritage.
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Lore Master
Lore Master

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:59 pm Post subject: Thankyou Reply with quote

She arrived at Xandria's house as a ring came hurtling past her. Blending in with the white snow as she often did, Xandria failed to see her standing there. Nightshade shook her head. She had known, she had warned her, she had learned the hard way herself. She saw the evil fury in Xandria's eyes and wondered if she should perhaps come back later. Grinning though she could not resist stirring up a little trouble, besides she was hungry and feeling just a tad lazy. After Xandria retreated back into her house she slowly followed. Meaning to catch up with her she was sidetracked by a pink glow emitted from beneath one of the doors. Curious and careless as usual she gave up her chase of Xandy and headed towards the door.

Pink! Nightshade stared at the collection of pink bottles around her. She gently touched them and read a few of their names. She hated pink. As usual Xandria had neatly labeled them going so far as to even alphabetize them. She rolled her eyes a bit at that. It was just the typical contents, she cared very little for souls, she had been hoping to find a special vial that Xandria ussually had about just for Shade. Dissapointed she turned to leave the room when a name caught her eye. It was labeled Merci. Strange she thought, a bottle marked thankyou? Did Xandy speak french? Curious by nature she picked up the vial, it was pink like all the rest, a brilliant shade of pink but a bit of it was drained. Odd that it would be missing part of its contents. She would have to ask Xandria about this vial. She just had to know.

Hastily she set it down on the shelf and turned to go, a loud crash resounded behind her. Closing her eyes she knew that her careless placement of the vial on the shelf had led to the sound. She turned to see the pink contents swirling about free behind her. Sighing heavily she knew she was going to be in for a lecture about this one. The pink cloud rose thru the air and Shade watched it wryly as it floated on the wind towards some unknown destination.

Then it dawned on her, it wasn’t a Thankyou, it was a name and she recalled the mindless slave girl that had once had a soul long ago. Oooops! She decided perhaps she better go, she swept the shards under a trunk and left hastily. They would all find out soon enough…
Something is Wrong, I can still feel Existence...
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Joined: 01 Mar 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:55 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

You damn fool...

Snow whipped mercilessly around the figure, its shadowy shroud contrasting heavily to the endless white around him. The figure stared upward at the towering spires of the newly reconstructed Morn Cirith; lights in the windows were dim and depressing. Only one light could be seen, through a window on the ground level -- a laboratory, it seemed.

The figure was hardly startled by the piece of gold flying through the air. He watched it fly past a woman, also watching the building, and land in the snow, burying itself.

Mortal emotion controls the mind in almost every aspect, even in that of free will.

And now this...

Slowly he turned and walked away, his mind tracing back only to that fateful night at Hanse's Hostel. It all happened so fast, Steel's arcane powers slowly dwindling to the seemingly immortal man he was up against... watching the battle closely, watching both men try and fail to kill the other...

Watching yet another attempt at a spell far too powerful for any mortal to cast.

You had to go and kill yourself.

Slowly the figure turned and walked away, his mind drifting over the circumstances surrounding these people. The Cabal was now under new leadership, in the hands of a man most of them hated.

There is a lot of work to be done.
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Cear Dallben ZOG

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2006 8:55 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

It had been days since the death of Steel. Xandria seemed upset with Cear and Nightshade had not been seen since. Cear was walking around the roof of his bare new home in Old Cania thinking of the Cabal current state. Once there was a tiem when the side minded Church was threatened and bisbanded, there was a time when the cabal was in possession of its prize, a time, when they where closer. Since Cear was dropped into the abyss by that femme fatal, he had been cured of illness, flaws, and shot into the multiverse by a power unknown. The Cabal now Thrives on three different shards and he is in better spirits to run the Cabal than ever.

I need to find Brother Olan, Kal Ort Por Cear appeared before the plot of his Home in the Blackrock Territory where brother Olan lived as well gazing to an empty plot. Steel had blwon his home down, but here layed the open space. Funny.
Olan was nowhere in sight so Cear went into the Mountian pass labratory to the north blackrock between the ocean and the mountians to find Chamberlain and start plans. Later he would seek Truth and devise a plan. To long has this land remained bland, it wont last long without Chaos and Static
The True Path To Order Is Thru Chaos, And The Cleansing Of All



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