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The Zog Cabal: About Us,

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Cear Dallben ZOG

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:44 pm Post subject: The Zog Cabal: About Us, Reply with quote

This is the story of the Zog Cabal, also known as Followers of Armageddon. We are a very old guild. Eleven years to be exact. Roots included. In 1998, a short year after the launch of Ultima Online one of the greatest story arcs took place leading up to the Second Age expansion. Similar to what we are going thru now, fighting our way thru the Warriors of Destiny story arc to arrive at the Stygian Abyss expansion. Both events were similar. They involved a group of people who were dedicated to casting the spell Armageddon. They killed political figures, even impersonated them at the highest levels. They hoarded Blackrock at secret locations, and fought players and interacted with them socially. They eventually attempted to cast the spell, setting horrible earthquakes in motion that opened the land mass that some call Ambrosia, and other call T2A. This is no unheard of spell. It is fabled. Mentioned in Ultima VI - On it is the greatest of spells, first learned by a man named Zog in ancient Sosaria. Who foolishly destroyed all life, until it rose again naturally from the earth.
The 1998 Event Arc can be researched sufficiently here, but is not shard specific.

This Event Arc was very special to me. I was young and new to Online Gaming. It was the first massive group activity I had ever seen executed so well online aside from telnet MUDs and AOL.

I had one real friend in those days. We never spoke on ICQ, there was no VOIP. I would just go to Britain’s graveyards every day after school and he would be there. Wed fight, kill, get killed, and talk. I would just log on, grab my silver weapon, and if I saw the name Riot pop up it would be a fun night of role-play and adventure. Aye, role-play, it just came naturally to us I suppose. He and I shared the massive interest in the event arc, from the moment Hartham was assassinated, to the release of The Second Age. We left the guild we were in called The Keepers of the Trust to pick up where the event left off. During the Event Arc OSI got a lot of heat for having a group be called “The Zog Cabal”, for its relation to “ZOG”, which stands for Zionist Occupation Government. It’s a bunch of conspiracy nut stuff I won’t get into.

So anyway they ended up renaming the group to Followers of Armageddon. We were able to acquire the guild stone for FOA, Followers of Armageddon. Something the seers/event staff at the time must have made for some reason or another when the event had finally come to an end with the execution/escape of certain FOA members across all shards. We ran the FOA for a long time. Had good times and role-play. But we were both still young, always fighting to have our accounts paid for somehow. It was a miracle we were able to hold on to the stone, for so long. One day, our guild house in the swamps of Felucca dastard fell. And the stone resided with some anonymous person from then on. The guild however still is still carried on by current Cabal members. But since we did not have the stone, and my friend would soon leave UO. I made the FOA an ally of a new guild, a guild that we as players could name, The Zog Cabal.

That day we had four active members. We got on our boat and just set sail. We ended up hitting the beaches of Fire Isle. To our surprise there was an opening for a home right there. My member Olan Zekai placed the first house we owned as the Zog Cabal. This area is now called the beaches of Blackrock. Were we have over 8 localized structures, years of lore and history, and all the Blackrock a man could ever need. I am the only surviving member of the original Cabal. For I as a guild master will never leave. I still speak to my old old friend with pen and paper. He resides in Spain in America’s Navy. And I stand here today on the beaches of Blackrock, starring eerily at the shrine of humility, and to the mountains that hold the dungeon hythloth, and think to myself, when will you all just die?
If you ever wonder this question yourself, perhaps you should Join Us

U6Online|| Welcome to Blackrock||Sunrise, Isle of the Avatar||Automatic Roleplay
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