The Atlantic Mage Tower Presents

Wieland, Mage of the Tower

Life of Wieland

I was born 25 years ago in Minoc as the son of a blacksmith and a sorceress. When I was 15 my parents began to teach me their professions. It was shortly before my 20th birthday I had to make a delivery to Vesper for my father. After two thirds of the way, I heard someone yelling for help. Coming closer I saw a murderer killing a wanderer. First I was paralyzed, but then I remembered what my mother taught me, and I cast a lightning bolt upon the murderer. Weakened through his fight he fell dead to the ground. Then I ran to the wanderer and thanked the Gods he was still alive.

A healer was near and had also heard the screams, and healed the wanderers wounds. Together we brought him to the Ironwood Inn in Vesper. This event was a changing point in my life. I decided to leave my parents and Minoc to go out into the world.

The following five years I spent wandering through Britannia fighting Monsters and increasing my knowledge. Several months ago when I heard of the building of a Tower to gather those who are interested in the ways of magery, I decided to visit the island of Moonglow to learn more about it all.

I was so fascinated of this idea, that I decided to settle down on Moonglow and to join this project... Tower.

Since that day I have increased my knowledge about magery and have found many friends at the so-called "MAGE TOWER".

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. They did however learn of a mage named Wieland.