The Atlantic Mage Tower Visitors


All visitors are special and treated with respect. But rarely does one happen upon the "unique" of the world we live in. Sage Norab, the Mages of Atlantic thank you from the bottom of their reagent bags! And to the Seers and GM's, a special thanks for making the impossible for us seem possible.

The Mage Tower was granted another addition to the ongoing lock down. The Stables. Seen here is Ra, Tiffric, Seer Nikademus and the Stable Mage, GM Stablemaster.

On the evening of the 10/24/08 dungeon crawl, we were delighted to have visit us Ieolus AotA. He stated that he was a diplomat for the Apostles of the Avatar. A very nice fellow indeed.

One day a just before a crawl a strange visitor by the name of "Skerrit" happened upon us. Since he was a known Mage of considerable power we had him placed on the Tower stone. Nick of Time wanted him to be titled the "Tower Skeptic." But Tiffric saw fit to call him "Tower Counsel."

Before the lockdown, we were also fortunate to have a few YMCA guys stop by. =]

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. Though one did eye the Sage hungrily.