A Tribute to Tiffric

A year ago I had a dream, and it was to have a Mage Tower in our lands. I was told by many that it would not happen, even my son thought I was crazy. But I was determined to try or die, and now we have this beautiful Tower filled with friends... I am pleased. - Tiffric


The Keeper of the Atlantic Mage Tower had many roles, a caretaker, a guildmaster, a friend, a comrade, a visionary, and more. It was with his efforts and passion that the Atlantic Mage Tower came to being. All the blessings and decorations in the tower were granted due to his passion for creating something great for his friends and family. While many people focus simply on the history of the Tower and its blessings, they neglect to remember the reason it was founded: to provide for its members. The Atlantic Mage Tower organization was always a group of friends who were mages, and never the opposite. Tiffric forged an organization built off camaraderie, and it was that which made the tower the unique creation it was, and it was that which made Tiffric the unique person he was. When remembering Tiffric, his memory should transcend the pixels, and manifest itself as one of a caregiver and friend. The tower was merely an extension of the ideals he made possible.

Even after the Eternal Flame of Mages fades to wisps of smoke and ash, his memory will remain forever alight.


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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. But they all still stand loyal to the Tower's Keeper, and remember him fondly.