The Atlantic Mage Tower Presents

Tiffric, Keeper of the Stone

Life of Tiffric

Born the illegitimate son of a great lord of an island kingdom. I was orphaned when a rival tribe attacked our village... Near death I was discovered by a young girl who took me in to her home on top of the mountain Mauna Loa, and raised me as her own. I was happy there. As I was growing up she had many visitors, some called her Mother (as I did) and others called her Goddess Pele, this I did not understand until much later.

Among her visitors were some of the greatest Kahuna's of the islands, and she put my education in their care. "Teach him all you know" she told them... "Leave nothing out for he shall be a Teacher and lead many followers to me". Many years I did study with these Great Ones, learning a little here and there, constantly practicing each lesson until I got it right, then I was given more to practice. At times I thought, "will it never end". Finally the greatest Kahuna of them all "Paau", took me to study with him, and such wonders I cannot describe for he possessed power almost equal to the God's themselves. Again I studied and learned.

One day I asked Paau, tell me of my Mother, he looked at me puzzled. "Your Mother, he said, she is the greatest Goddess of them all for she is "Pele" the Mother of Volcano's, the birth Mother of our islands, without her we would not exist. Honor her, love her, do her bidding. Keep her favor for she is unforgiving to those who go astray".

Years pass and one day Paau said to me "it is time, come we must go" and we travel to Heights of Mauna Loa, the home of "Pele". I am overjoyed for it has been many years since I have seen my Mother. As we enter her presence, Paau falls upon the floor in obeisance and begins to speak, "Oh Goddess I come to you with Tiffric, for he has learned all that we can teach". And I in my youthful bliss say "Hi MOM". Paau glares at me, Pele smiles. You have done well Paau, I am pleased. Now please leave us for I will speak with Tiffric alone. What transpires next will forever be burned in my memory for it causes me both great sorrow and joy.

"My son" spoke Pele. "These last 300 years have gone swiftly and you have learned all that has been put to you. Now it is the time for you to leave me, and venture forth to new lands to learn from those of different cultures."

"Remember well my son this. You must live by the three Principal Virtues. Truth, Love and Courage. These three Principals can be combined in eight ways. Truth alone becomes Honesty. Love alone becomes Compassion. Courage alone become Valor. Truth tempered by Love gives you Justice. Love and Courage gives you Sacrifice. Courage and Truth gives you Honor. Combining Truth Love and Courage will give you Spirituality. The final Virtue is more complicated, for the eighth combination is devoid of Truth, Love and Courage which can only exist in the state of great pride, which of course is not a Virtue. The true Virtue is that of Humility". "I will remember Mother and do my best to live by these Virtues, though Humility may be hard for me." I said. "Yes it is the hardest of all to live by, but as you grow older it to will become easier" she said.

Now I will send you to the mainland to be among the Haole's, be wary of them for many cannot be trusted. But fear not, I will watch over you. "Aloha my son". Aloha Mother *tearfully*.

This has happened 55 years ago now, and I find myself in a land called Britannia, a land with much hatred and dishonesty, a land where evil abounds at every turn, a land without POI. But I have joined with a gathering of other Kahuna's (they are called mages here), and have found a good home in a place called a Mage Tower, so I am content until I again see my Mother Pele...

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