Atlantic Mage Tower's Most Wanted

Along our travels throughout the world that is our home, we inevitably run across those characters that are made from defective material. It was decided to attempt to chronicle these faulty individuals so that others may be aware, and be able to take appropriate actions. The list is far from complete and I am taking steps to ensure accuracy.

What follows is the name and some brief details, in no specific order. If anything needs to be added or taken away please let me know.

SQUASH: Evil mage room, just a plain old geek loser.

Swif Runner/BlOoDrUnNeR: All around loser.

Gilmore: Newbie killer. "Hey, want me to call out a ticket number, and when he comes out here you guys jump him ".

Defiler/CrazyHeadMan: Moonglow's number one NEWBIE KILLER. Loves to hear the screams of the newly created characters as they die with one shot, because they only have 46 strength.

Gaul: New lands looter... runs when fierce monsters are provoked on him [soils armor too =]. Opportunity PK'er.

Chaos Kid: Lamer who attacks while you're surrounded by four Ophidian warriors.

Paramount: Repeatedly stood in doorways near evil mages so that people were trapped in a single room with the mages.

Mysery: Attacks for no apparent reason, with the help of someone named "Jare".

Gnilaets: Main skills: Stealing, hiding, magery, and archery. Likes the dungeon Wrong, also seen in the City of Moonglow. Member of a chaos guild.

Mirt: Main skills: Stealing, and archery. Likes the south gate of Moonglow.

Disease: Main skills: Stealing, hiding, and fencing (poisoned). General disruptor to the AMT. Member of a chaos guild.

Uther Pendragon: Main skills: Stealing and archery. Hangs out outside the south gate of Moonglow. Was aided by Sid Vicious (cast greater heals on him).

LightMage: To quote: "I'm cool and you're not." A disagreeable character.

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