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Salamander, Mage of the Tower

Life of Salamander

Salamander is a simple being of middle age who was born in a working class village of lumberjacks and wood craftsman in the forests that surround Yew. Yew, being the large dense forest it is, had provided cover to the village for many years. The village never appeared on any maps, and Lord British never knew of it's existence.

About the time Salamander could understand his surroundings (the normal age many begin schooling), a band of rebel Knights belonging to Lord British began demanding the village pay to keep their existence secret. However the villagers did not care whether the lands knew about them or not. Being a peaceful bunch, they did not have means to defend themselves against the attacks that would soon follow.

Soon these Knights, unbeknownst to Lord British, were visiting the village daily, destroying homes, taking items belonging to the people, and burning parts of the woods around. In an attempt to stop these attacks, parties of villagers were sent off in different directions to seek out this Lord British and offer what they could to fend off the attacks.

The parties reached Lord British, too late though. As they spoke with Lord British the village was burned to the ground, its members killed, and the children sold off to pirates...

Salamander was one of those youths sold, and spent many years aboard pirate vessels, traveling in and out of Buccs Den. As he grew stronger and his intelligence began to form, Salamander became one of the most sought after slaves. Salamander could sail ships, do all the work required of him, and was always giving tactical advice to the pirates who owned him. He was also one of the few slaves from his village not beaten to death.

Salamander learned of his origins one day in Vesper, while delivering a load of black market items, by meeting a village mate, one who was sent in search of Lord British, who recognized a scar given to all males of the village. There he was informed that many were still alive and living in the city. The friendly villager helped to plan his escape from the pirate and gave him shelter.

Salamander spent many years in Vesper, taking up the trade of fishing and learning about his past. The villagers had successfully setup craft shops all throughout Vesper, while living in the woods north of the city. Vesper, being the busy city that it is, taught Salamander many things. He was always hearing stories of adventure, while fishing near the mage shops. Salamander always would fish near a mage shop. It fascinated him so much.

Soon Salamander, being of age and an experienced being, had saved enough to buy a small vessel. Knowing how to navigate he took quickly to sailing, and even began living off the boat. To those who knew Salamander they knew he was off for adventure, and now of age to take care of himself.

Salamander knew the trades, he could craft, fish and dabbled in just about everything else. Never magic though. Magery was only for those who had been schooled, or brought up around it. One day Salamander sailed to Moonglow to sell some of his crafted staves. He came across many mages, some of grand stature, others of average ability. He made enough money to live on the island, and would sit in the middle of town nightly.

With some of his left over money, Salamander began buying books, reading everything he could about magic. For some time to follow he began practicing, while still making his living. Magery was not cheap to study either. While searching for spells scrolls to learn off of, Salamander came by a shop called "Ra's Cheap Scrolls". Indeed they were some of the best priced around. Daily he would visit this shop and buy more and more, perhaps becoming the biggest customer.

One day the owner, Ra, appeared. Friendly words were traded, and a rune to the shop was offered for free. Ra then spoke of a group called the Mages of the Tower. Salamander's boat had been docked near the tower, but he never ventured to it. Ra began to tell stories of their charter, their kindness, and his past. How he met Tiffric and turned from a life of evil.

Daily Salamander would see Ra by his shop, or in it practicing his spells. Soon Salamander went to seek out Tiffric and the tower. Once there it didn't take long for Salamander to become a regular visitor to the tower, and soon Salamander would be considered a part of the gathering and associated with it. Tiffric was always polite, and the mages around just the same.

Each mage there has their own unique traits, like reagents to a spell, and when combined with various other members, a spell of its own is created. To this day Salamander spends most of his time in the tower. His knowledge of magery nearly complete, and his ability to create scrolls newly learned and almost complete thanks to the Tower.

Salamander still lives, and is still at the tower when not researching magic. His studies are uncovering how a spells energy is drawn. He's nearly killed himself attempting to dissect some spells. Middle age will soon be past and the age where ones wisdom becomes clear will soon dawn. Salamander looks to be as wise as Tiffric someday, and hopefully will find the god that watched over him.

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