The Atlantic Mage Tower Presents

Percival, Mage of the Tower


Life of Percival - The Beginnings of a Battlemage

Hail and well met, friend of the Tower! I am the battlemage Percival, and this is the story of my beginnings.

I was born in Yew, the son of a bowyer and his wife. I had one older brother, Liam. We and our parents lived happy lives, with myself taking after my father and learning the trade of the bowyer. I would follow my father into the woods and help him cut wood from the great Yew trees that grow so vast in that area. After we returned from our trips, we would carve the wood into bows and test them on the targets around our house. My brother was a guard-in-training. It was he that taught me the ways of blades and tactics. Like I said, it was a happy life. Until the orc raid, that is. Those vile and filthy creatures attacked Yew by the hundreds. The defenders were pushed back to Empathy Abbey, and it was there at that holy place that our parents were slain defending the city. This was the end of my happy family life. My brother and I both swore vengeance, but I knew that I needed to train first, for I was only 14. My 17 year old brother felt no concern for such needs. I was there when he stepped into that swirling blue moongate to Cove. If he was successful or not in his battles I know not, for I have yet to see him again. I have only received one letter from him since that fateful day. I still often wonder about him. Is he still alive? Will I ever see him again? I ask myself these questions and more. But back to my story. With my family gone, I had no real ties to Yew. I quickly set off eastward, towards unexplored lands, to begin my training.

Halfway between Yew and the Crossroads, I came upon a guard post lying in the wilderness. It was there that I met Sir Arther, one of Lord British's Order Knights. After relating to him the story of my loss, we became great friends, and he became my mentor. It was he that taught me the true ways of the warrior. He told me that a true warrior fights for things other than vengeance. A true warrior fights for virtue and the ways of light. The way of the warrior is choosing a set of cardinal virtues and living by them. With his guidance, I chose the virtues of Valor, Justice, Honor, Honesty, and Spirituality. I stayed there for over a year and learned all that I could. After this time, his interim at the outpost was fulfilled. We parted ways as friends there, he to his family and I to my revenge. I then traveled on towards Vesper.

On my way, I encountered an evil mage trying to burn down the homes of a village of peasants. That was my first encounter with true magic. After a long and hard battle, I finally defeated him. Afterwards, I remember thinking how great this powerful magic might be if used against evil. With that thought in mind, and slightly singed, I traveled into Vesper. While there I ran into an old friend of my late father. He had not heard of my fathers death, so I told him the sad news and of my journey. It just so happened that he himself was a mage. He offered to train me, so I took some more time off of my journeys. At the end of that time of learning, Artrerius and I parted ways, he having taught me the casting of the first two circles. From that point on, I had to train myself. I then set off to Cove, to do battle with the orcs that constantly besiege that small village.

There in Cove I spent seven months, slaying orcs with arrow, blade, and spell. And I was never once happy, for at this place was only warriors. None of them shared my love of the Mystic Arts. It was at this point that I realized that there was more to life than revenge. I set off for the grand city of Trinsic, passing through violent Britain on the way. In Trinsic I became efficient at casting spells through the fifth circle, and during my studies I heard of a city of mages called Moonglow. I decided that I would like to continue my training in Moonglow.

As soon as I stepped onto the docks, I realized that this small, peaceful city on this small, peaceful island was where I truly belonged. I gathered up my backpack and weapons, the totality of my worldly goods, and set off to find room and board at the Student's Hostel, a room in which I still reside. There in Moonglow I practiced and became successful with spells through the seventh circle of magic. I then began a career as a "Gater," helping people get from one city to another. It was during a period of unemployment that I heard of a new fellowship of mages, called the Mage Tower. I decided to check it out, and it was there that I met the great mage Tiffric and the lovely paladin Strega. After conversing with them for a while, I decided to inquire about membership. I have been a Mage of the Tower ever since that glorious day. My life had changed from a seeker of vengeance to a seeker of friends, true love, and good times.

I still continue my studies of the arts arcane, and I have now become a master of my art. My next goal is to achieve my grandmaster of magery. But I still find an occasional use for my heavy crossbow and my large collection of axes and other bladed weapons.


I wouldn't have it any other way! Fare thee well, my friends, and may the light shine on your paths. 'Til next we meet!

P.S. - Does it mean that a llama is smarter than a mage if it refuses to attack a Lord of the Abyss, and the mage attacks the daemon anyway?

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