A New View of the Atlantic Mage Tower

Hail and well met fellow mages! What follows is a current update of the Tower as of 05/15/2013.

Map Location: The location of the Atlantic Mage Tower.

First Floor: A gathering table made of stone, the AMT guildstone, message boards, a historic locations runebook, and a teleporter to Leiah's Rune Library activated by stepping on the altar.

Second Floor: The library. All known copies of AMT lore and writings nestled within a peaceful studying area.

Third Floor: The memorial meeting room. Memorials to Jenny and Tiffric, and plaques containing the names of all AMT members within the meeting room that was meant to be.

Tower Roof: The Eternal Flame of Mages reborn and an open concept tavern.

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. But they do enjoy their new tower.