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The One Tournament

Recently, the Atlantic Mage Tower hosted a tournament, "There Can Be Only ONE". This tournament boasted the largest prize ever given away in UO. Total prizes and cash (which included a placed house) were valued at over ONE MILLION GP. The tournament consisted of three primary events, Warrior Rumble, Contest of the Minds, and Spirit & Steel. The top three finishers from each of these events were then chosen to participate in the FINAL BOUT. Here the 9 competitors fought for the grand prize.

My brothers and sisters, the ONE has been found, and it is: GANDALF.

He was awarded $1,080,000.00 in gold and important prizes including a placed house. In my opinion all of the finalist were the ONE. I am sorry that we could not reward all, as they all fought superbly... Gnash, SIR ROBB, RETHGIF, TARAX, GOHAN, TACITUS, LORD BEOR. There is little doubt in anyone's mind that you all are the best PvP warriors in the game.

My thanks go out to all of you...

-- Tiffric

Congratulations Gandalf! Congratulations also to the division winners, of whom the 2nd and 1st place finishers walked home with 20k and 30k gold respectively. Thanks to all of the brave warriors and mages who participated in our tournament!

The ONE event is over, on the whole it went very well indeed. I would like to in this space thank all the people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, who without them this event would not have happened.

The sponsors... Lord Conan, Lady Sabrina, Lord ACB, Lord Longshot, Lord Homer, Lady Kelli the guard, Lord Nick of Time , and the Lady Snow White

Security who did a thankless job, and took much abuse... Lord Wieland (security sponsor), Lord Salamander, Lady Jenny, Lord Simon, Lord Joseph OConnor, Lord Avatar, Lord Pecos, and Lord Pishgar.

Our Snooper Lord Fox, Lord Raistin AoD, who also helped me keep track of who was next... as well as Lady Nicole, our flag lady.

A Tournament Sponsored by Flynn Longbow

Saturday, June 26, 1999 at 8pm eastern, a PVP tournament sponsored by Flynn Longbow was held in the new AMT arena. Combatants said their "setras" at the top of the tower, thus entering the new arena. The first match of the evening was for the prize of 5000 gp and a suit of GM leather armor. Two teams, the Tower Pansies, dressed in a ghastly pink, and the Healers, dressed in healer robes, fought bravely for the prize. After a grueling fight, the Pansies proved victorious, taking the prize.

After the first match, a second match was held for fun. Then the evening gave way to reckless individual dueling! The match was sponsored by Flynn and the GM leather armor was donated by Gul'dan. Participants included: Homer, Pizi, Odin, Claven, Shadownight, and Raistlin. Sabrina was on hand to res all the slain combatants. It was a fun night for all, and profitable for the pansies! We look forward to many more such events in the new arena.

The Atlantic Mage Tower Has 10,000 Visitors

On this day, the Lady Nicole has been given a prize by Tiffric for being the 10,000th visitor to the Atlantic Mage Tower. Congratulations Nicole!

We are very pleased to have so many visitors to our Tower. Our doors are always open to the traveler, the mage in search of knowledge, and all manner of folk in Britannia. We hope that there will be many more such visitors in the future!

-- Raistlin

Ra's (and Raistlin's) Review of the Atlantic Mage Tower Party

On Sunday, May 9, 1999, a party organized by Ra and AndDroid was held. This was a really fun event (though less tense than a crawl!). It was also my first introduction to the Tower. I had a great time gulping down ale while watching the mages summon daemons and elementals. Some mages attended in their gargoyle costumes :) . I thoroughly enjoyed talking with everyone and munching down the muffins. I am now a Mage of the Tower, and this place is GREAT! I've already been on my first small crawl (we went to Wrong) and had a TON of fun! I can't wait for more Tower events! Thank you Ra and AndDroid for the party, and thank you Tiffric for letting me in the Tower!

-- Raistlin, Mage of the Tower

Listen to Ra's report of the party:

We had a great great time at the AMT party on Sunday. Before the party, we piled over 1k worth of alcohol on the table... starving friends chatted and feasted over the plentiful food. It was loads of fun.

After the party, everything was GONE. Everyone, even the Tower Ghost OoOoo was drunk (btw have you ever seen a *hic*-ing ghost?? I was laughing so hard! ). Thanks to all those who attended. I hope you enjoyed the event. And thanks to the famed Order of the Ebon Skull (esp. Keeshi, Deacon, and Shadow) for coming after we received rumors that a PK guild was going to come disrupt the event. One after another they came to make sure our guests were safe, and we all had a great time.

We look forward to meeting friends on and beyond Atlantic at our future events.

-- Ra and Raistlin

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