Atlantic Mage Tower's Changing of the Stone


It was a grand day as friends from all around the worlds arrived to bear witness to the event. Food and drink were abundant, laughter was heard all throughout the Tower halls. It was the time, the time for the guard to change.

At the appointed hour Tiffric began to speak:


Tiffric: A year ago I had a dream, and it was to have a Mage Tower in our lands. I was told by many that it would not happen, even my son thought I was crazy. But I was determined to try or die, and now we have this beautiful Tower filled with friends... I am pleased. I consider you all my children, but as with any good parent, it is time for me to turn you loose to run your own lives. So in doing this I am turning over the Keeper job to one who is more in tuned with what you want. He is deserving of the honor of being the new Keeper, and deserves all of your respect. He is the Mage Logan all of you know and love. So with that, here is your new Keeper, Logan!

Logan: Thank you Tiffric... Hail and welcome to the Mage Tower. I wish to thank all of you for coming, it really means a lot to Tiffric and I. I will do my best to maintain and push forward the Tower in the best of ways. With Tiffric's blessing, I, Logan, humbly take the title of the Keeper of the Stone. It is now my sworn duty to uphold the virtues of the tower, and to extend our friendship beyond it's walls. Mages of Atlantic, I would be honored if you would click the stone and pledge loyalty to me.


The party was incredible. Interestingly enough it was not disturbed at all by the abnormal groups of hooligans that like to frequent such events.

Representatives from many of the shards had traveled to visit, and a few of Atlantic's guilds arrived to convey congratulations.


I truly hope to live up to the office which I now have... the Tower doors are always open.

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No Llamas were injured during the creation of this webpage. Though one still pledges fealty to Thunder Red Hair.